Feb 272013

Drove to Twinn Falls today.  Carried the D800 with me.

Whenever I carry this camera I slip into Artsy Fartsy mode.  The resolution is over the top incredible.  Blown away every-time I bring up the images on my Macbook Pro with retina display.  WOW!!!!!

Even after shrinking the file size to put on the web the resolution kick’s butt.


I love the black to white range of light in this photograph.


At Shoshone Falls while driving down the side of the gorge a particular rock formation caught my eye.   Look close at this lava rock formation and see if you can see a mans face in the rock……

Can you see it???????


This color photograph is a 6′ water fall just up the road from the man’s face in the rock.  It must run year round because of the incredible moss and moss related colors.   If I had not told you it was a 6′ high falls wouldn’t you think it looked bigger?  When I brought up the shot tonight my first reaction is that it could on screen or print pass for  much larger falls.

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