Apr 192013

It really should be called EgretLand or Birdland.  It’s heaven here.


All kinds of birds and gators.  Up this morning at 6:30 am to get the early bird special.  I love this place.


Most all the birds are nesting and feeding.  It’s a constant, action packed scene.  Non stop photography.  And ideal conditions.


This place is the best place to practice panning.  Birds are flying every direction.


As the day went by the heat and humidity started to get to this old, fat man.  Got a little heat stroke.  Nothing lunch at Olive Garden and a 69 degree room can’t fix.  Days like today take me away.  Other than the effects of a little heat stroke I was at complete peace.  Calm!  Can it get any better?  Critters, good light, a camera, my wife (zip lining while I photogaphed) and food!  I love it!!!!!

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