Apr 212013

Why spend the money to go all the way to Florida for a few days?  Basically the same location I went last year.

1).  Needed a break

2). Needed time away from Work (badly needed)

3). Too long since a real focus on my passion for photography.

4). A second chance to practice on beautiful birds in a very difficult lighting situation.


 After my last trip I was pretty excited with my photographs.  But as the year went on I realized that the shots could be much better.  Shooting a white bird against dark foliage can cause all kinds of problems with the outcome.  The cameras we use today are incredible with light, and color balance.  But they still lack what gave us.  A way to see extremes in light.  Cameras pretty much average the light.  That may be a little over simplifying it.  If I shot the the Egret above in normal mode the bird would be partially burned out and the background would be lighter.


I just cheated the camera.  Kinda like the old saying “if I could just teach you not to think”.  Exposure compensated by -.7.    It work’s.


If you ever have a chance to go to Orlando get over to GATORLAND!  They have certain days a photographers early pass.  The park usually opens at 10:00 a.m..  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they let photographers in at 7:30 a.m.  “Let in” – of course means for a few more $$$$’s.   If you like to photograph beautiful birds with no hiking or little effort while on vacation, this is the place.


It’s important that you come in April. Usually early April.  The chicks are hatching and growing!  And the Gators are breeding!  When the parent returns to the nest the chicks prod the parents beak.  This in turn causes a natural reaction of the parent to regurgitate food up for the chicks.


This trip was especially fun.  We spent some time in Universal Studios.  Bought a lot of Harry Potter stuff.  Ate good food and wore ourselves out.  I was so tired and sore I could barely walk.    It was all worth it!  Nest week big GAME!!!!!!!!

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  1. SO so cool dad. These are amazing shots! 🙂

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