Apr 272013

One day photographing in Yellowstone.

It’s April in Yellowstone.  Bet I’ll see Buffalo, Elk, Coyote, Blue Heron, Geese, Swan, and Marmot.

Saw them all.  Bet I would’t see Wolves.

Saw wolves.  And photographed them.  It was obvious that something special was ahead on the road.  The typical traffic jam.  About 15 cars ahead of me I saw a wolf run across the street.  Then two followed.  Instantly I was in hyper-photo mode.  The wolves were traveling up a hillside.  Took a few shots.  The sun was directly behind them.  They were on white snow.  The alpha was black.  Not a good combination for a great photograph of wolves.   It was time to gamble.  If the wolves continued up and over the hill they would be in much better light.  If they didn’t cross over I would miss photograph’s of wolves.    I took the Gamble.  I set up on the other side of the hill.  Ready and waiting for my once in a lifetime encounter with wolves.  Though wolves on a kill is the ultimate photograph, a sharp photo of wolves running may be the next best thing?   This may be my chance.  Then they appeared.  One at a time….



This guy looks thin.  Notice his tail is very thin without the “fluff” as opposed to the other lighter colored wolf above.

As they disappeared into the woods he looked back to make sure I wasn’t following I guess.   Wow that was the fastest minute or two.  I was a little shaky after they disappeared.   Another great day in Yellowstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  3 Responses to “The Gamble.”

  1. These photographs – and ALL of your photographs – are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for posting them so we can all enjoy them.

  2. Dad, these are amazing! I haven’t seen you photograph a wolf! That would have been so cool to see. When are kids are older, we all need to go to Yellowstone., together.

  3. These are incredible! I love how you have captured the different personalities…

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