May 172013

Today is a holiday day.

Planning out the day was not easy.  No real “PHOTO” locations.  Tons and tons of photo opportunities.  To start I needed a cleaner for my gear.  Checked Google and was off to Murphy’s Camera on Bardstown Road.  Turns out that Bardstown Road was voted Louisville’s most favorite street.  Not my kind of street.  Very narrow roads.  Small quaint shops for about a mile.  Tattoo shops, progressive shops of every kind.  Young people everywhere with pink and purple hair, dreadlocks, shaggy clothes and unkept.  I felt like was on Mars.  Next to Murphy’s there just happened to be St. James Cathedral.  It looked amazing from the outside.  A round chapel.  The doors were locked!!!!!  After my visit to the camera store I checked all around the cathedral for an open door.  I really wanted to get inside.  Lastly I the front door for the third time. The entry around the door was ornate.


I was disappointed.  Walking back to the car a gentlemen (in local attire) asked if I wanted to go inside.  Of course I did.  He was there to work on the organ.  A very nice man.  We had a great conversation about the cathedral and the organ.  The organ had not been played for over 20 years.  The previous Pastor put in an electric piano.  Looks like a 7′ grand piano.  The new Pastor loves the sounds of an organ.  The organ repairman told me that they had been working on it for over a month.  Today he planned on putting it to sound for the first time.

Upon entering the cathedral I was shocked at the ornate, colorful and spacious interior.  It was very beautiful.  Not like anything I had ever seen before.


As usual I sat and admired the whole scene.  A lot to take in.


I was there for about an hour and a half.  Could have stayed longer.  Had to get to my next adventure. Won’t soon forget this one.

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May 162013

Still Traveling

Last night I flew into Louisville.  Never been here before.  Before the meetings started today I ran into town to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  Since I may never visit this city again I had to see some of the sites.


No cameras allowed in the factory!  They said they were worried about pictures getting to the competition.  What?  It’s a couple of rooms with auto lathes following metal guides.  And one C&C that electronically does the same thing.  As far as they know I worked for the competitor!  Hey Boss I got an Idea!  Lets get lathes like Louisville has instead of hand chisels.  Really????  Some of the photo op’s could have been cool.

Everything in town is Bats, Balls and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Along the river is a beautiful river front walk.  A great place to rest and visit.


My real passion is photographing critters.  Always on the lookout for any wild “thing” .  Sure I’ll settle for a fountain with birds!


Downtown there is the usual mix of old and new architecture.

Then there is this 20′-30′ tall gold statue of David.  I guess it’s David?   If I stood on a corner in Kentucky NAKED, they would throw me in jail.  Or laugh themselves silly!!!!

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May 092013

Here I go again.  I see a huge cathedral on a ridge and I am drawn to it.   This Cathedral is in Spokane Washington. There are several here.  This one sits prominently on the mountain on the south side of Spokane near the Hospital.  It is The Cathedral of St. John The Evangelist.  A beautiful edifice.  The first shot is a range of 11 shots at 1/3 exposure increments.  The second is 15 shots at 1/3 exposure increments.  Both ran through Photomatix Pro.  All shots with Nikon D800 and a 16-35 Nikor lens at 16mm.


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May 082013

I’m back in one of my favorite places.  Spokane and Cheney Washington.  I love it here.    After a full day of investigating sites I ran over to the National Wildlife Refuge.  Only saw a Marmot.  I experienced tons of beautiful light!  Spring light.



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May 062013

Saturday was the first full day of yard work.  Oh Boy!  I am feeling it.

Tonight I skipped out on Dancing with the Stars.  Snuck into the man cave and played for a few minutes….


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May 052013

White Faced Ibis

They are everywhere this time of year.  From a distance they appear to be black birds with long beaks.  They are however one of the most colorful birds. Easily found near edges of water, or ponds.  A blast to watch.  One of the triggers that Spring is also here!

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