May 162013

Still Traveling

Last night I flew into Louisville.  Never been here before.  Before the meetings started today I ran into town to visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  Since I may never visit this city again I had to see some of the sites.


No cameras allowed in the factory!  They said they were worried about pictures getting to the competition.  What?  It’s a couple of rooms with auto lathes following metal guides.  And one C&C that electronically does the same thing.  As far as they know I worked for the competitor!  Hey Boss I got an Idea!  Lets get lathes like Louisville has instead of hand chisels.  Really????  Some of the photo op’s could have been cool.

Everything in town is Bats, Balls and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Along the river is a beautiful river front walk.  A great place to rest and visit.


My real passion is photographing critters.  Always on the lookout for any wild “thing” .  Sure I’ll settle for a fountain with birds!


Downtown there is the usual mix of old and new architecture.

Then there is this 20′-30′ tall gold statue of David.  I guess it’s David?   If I stood on a corner in Kentucky NAKED, they would throw me in jail.  Or laugh themselves silly!!!!

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