Aug 042013

A photographically risky move for me.

What is the subject here.  This is one of my biggest nightmares when shooting in the wild.  I like cropped, clean shots of birds and wildlife.  The less busy the better.

I remember looking through the view finder at this scene.  My thoughts kept going to – the tree is too prominent!    While protesting internally I captured about three frames.  At the same time I was thinking it would be one of the first deleted when previewing the days pic’s.

In post I realized the composition may be ok?  The Heron was in it’s natural surroundings.   The tree though huge in the photograph added a natural feel.  In some ways the tree draws your eye to the Heron.  In the end do I like it?  It may not be my favorite.  But it works….

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Aug 042013

Shot last week while photographing Pelicans.  Shot with the D4, 80-400 VR lens.  Ran through Color Efex Pro 4  Bleach bypass filter.  Then I erased dragonfly to base layer.

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Aug 042013

The Cormorant.  A heavy boned, swim low in the water, ugly bird.  An expert diver and fisher.

After diving and fishing this prehistoric looking birds leaves the water and spreads it wings to dry.

Really a goofy looking bird.  Fun to watch.  They are shy.  With a long lens you can enjoy their antics.  Much like the white faced Ibis, and from a distance the cormorant just looks like another black bird.  A closer look reveals colorful eyes and face.

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