Oct 162013


A chance to spend more than a few minutes looking through my viewfinder.  And capturing more than a couple of quick snapshots.  It’s been a while.

Post Falls is between Spokane, Washington and Coeur d Alene, Idaho.  Last week while driving from Cheney to Coeur d Alene I notice through a sliver of trees some small falls.  Turns out they are in a city named after them.  The falls as you will see are actually run off from a man made dam.

I climbed to the bottom of the canyon where it appeared the shots could be made.  Had fun.  Then I had to climb back out.  Over rocks and a steep grade.  Sweating like a marathoner in the mohave I made it back to the rental car.  It never looks as hard until I’m climbing back.  A little late had a wonderful dinner with my dear friend Sanford.  I’ll bet I’m walking a little funny tomorrow!




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