Nov 202013

Sunday mornings.

What to do?  Often I sneak out and get a little free time and engage in my passion…… photography.

Early this year the company I work for sold to a relative.  A cousin, a niece, a very wealthy individual.  A Harvard graduate.  A very big deal.  The company has done extremely well.  What is the future?  I don’t know.  Sunday morning photography get-aways take me away from these type of questions.  I worry and see a dramatic change in how employees are treated.  Our new CEO is wonderful.  A real people person.  But does Harvard not have classes in interpersonal skills?  Or employee empowerment, recognition and encouragement?    Is the bottom line the only subject taught at Harvard?

A bit of complaining it sounds like.  Actually I worry.  I work at a level where I see moral at it’s lowest.  So indeed I need that quiet time watching critters.  Critters have no education and survive only by instinct.  What a concept…logic, instinct….

This was my first shot as I approached Antelope Island.  The refuge is bare of birds at this time so I make the trip to the island.  Tons to see there.

I always check the ‘barn” first.  The owl house.  The Great Horned Owl was there.  High up in the structural elements.  Beautiful birds!

Then I travel along the east side creeping along while looking in all directions.  Buffalo at most ridges and valleys.  This time of year I am looking for the deer buck.  The island is known to have some huge bucks.  In November they are very active as they are in rut.

Honestly I have been out there several weeks and struck out.  But this week.  Well I can say is WOW!  Gives me a boost to be in nature and get back to my realities.

It really doesn’t matter who owns the company.  I am grateful to be employed.  It’s their dime to lose.  I’ll do as I have always done, exceed expectations and deliver the very best.

The deer this day are focused on their mates.  They are also very alert to anything with two legs.  It is somewhat tricky to capture them in my camera.  Had to do a little crawling and sneaking around bushes.  All the shots of the deer are with the 600mm and a 1.7 teleconverter.  Obviously they were keeping their distance.

Maybe within the next 6 years I will able to wake and not worry about what ROI, IRR or reduction in benefits will pop up.  I do know that my camera gear will be close and ready to assist me with a great getaway.

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  2 Responses to “A New Day”

  1. I’ve seen you at your finest and you at your lowest. Are you worried you won’t be able to bully people around when they don’t agree with you? OR reward others that stand on their heads when you ask?
    I’ve watched you break people, i’ve watched you help others. I’ve witnessed you through business moral on the ground….then fill your lungs and puff your chest…… pretend to stand for God, truth or whatever. You are truly one of a kind Jim. You believe both truths that come out of either side of your mouth.

  2. Photographs are a mere instrument to capture time and space yet great photographs comes to life at the hands of the true artisan. Though others derive joy by taking in the beauty of the photographer’s work, the photographer gains a greater release through practice of their craft, enjoying the solitude, and for a short time, leaving behind life’s challenges, which can be many. I very much appreciate your sharing both the beauty that you capture and the emotions that went into it. Thanks for sharing….

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