Dec 112013

WInter has come!

And I have been staring at the ceiling and walls.  First and hopefully only winter cold.  I just had to get and today.  Grabbed some gear, bundled up and headed out to my “spot”.  It didn’t take long to start tracking an American Kestral.  For many years I have captured some fun photo’s of these hyper hunters.  This time of year they pretty much will land on several of the same spots and watch for little critters.  To day a rock and rebar was a couple of lookout spots.


In the very cold winter they are a little more tolerant of cars and photographers that stay in their cars.  Of course it helps when shooting with a 600mm lens.


When leaving the island I always look for the BIG guys.  Today I was lucky!   Had to stop real fast grab my 80-400 lens while driving and shooting.  Then this huge buck stopped long enough for me to barely fit him in the photo.  Of a dozen shots fired in just over a second this is the only one that got the full rack captured!  This guy looks a bit like a fullback.  What a huge neck!

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