Dec 122013

About 30 years ago my life changed.

God sent Karen and I a little redhead. Man was she a screamer!  But oh so beautiful.  My first of three kids. Like most families the picture taking starts out real heavy with the first child.  Then it declines as more little ones drop in.    Doesn’t seem fair to the other siblings.  Especially while sitting around the table the youngest asks ” why don’t we have any pictures of me?”


In my house the photo passion started with the oldest child and grew more passionate even until this day.  In short order I put a studio addition in my home, installed a dark room, and added  more and more equipment.  Over the years I have always had a Nikon camera.  For a few years Hasselblads were added to my camera family.  So, for some 30+ years I have owned all kinds of camera gear, lighting and studio gear.  Though always an amateur.

Recently Nikon announced the Df Camera.


Holy cow it looked just like the camera body I started with.  The F series camera (FE, FM, Etc.) was my workhorse back then.  I had to have this new camera!

A couple of weeks ago the Df landed at my house.  Between work, stress, life and rattling in my head I haven’t really had it out to play with.  This past couple of weeks it has been really cold in Utah.  Tonight at sunset the Df and I went a shootin’. Though I still feel like crap from a cold I was pretty excited.  Then the memories flooded back.  Back in the day I would drive home from  work in the winter hoping to capture a beautiful sunset.  Probably all photographers look to sunsets in the beginning of their photography adventure.  I sure did.  With the Df in hand tonight, sub zero temps, an inversion and a cold  I was reliving the old days.


The manual controls on the camera are perfect!  I love this camera.  I expect rain, cold, sun or night I will be carrying this gem.  If only to re-light some of my early photography visions!

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  1. Only you can make power lines look awesome.

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