Dec 182013

Squeamish ALERT!!!!

It’s not easy getting close to a Kestral.  Especially when they are dining on rodent.  I was incredibly lucky to be sitting about 60 feet away from a Kestrel landing site when this mighty hunter stopped by.  She had a little morsel and really didn’t seem to care a whole lot about me.  I am harmless.



I was doing my best to not crack up laughing.  She spent the first few minutes de-furing the mouse.  Mouse fur was flying everywhere….

It was obvious she was going for the meat.  She was enjoying the meal.


I think she got impatient with the bits and pieces and soon went for the whole enchilada.


Good to the last foot!  I mean drop!


Then shook off all the drippings.

Here is a short video or her dining.


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