Jan 022014

In Yellowstone and far away places my photo excursions searching for wildlife usually puts me near a Coyote.  They are fairly common.  Mostly in National Parks and areas where they can’t be hunted.  In all instances they were hunting.  Either for themselves or for little ones needing multiple daily feedings.  This week at Antelope Island this particular Coyote gave me fits!  He was focused on getting somewhere.  No hunting just moving and travel.  The snow and extreme cold made for some tough shooting.  As I followed him for a long  way he never slowed. Not once.  It made me wonder where he was going?  Soon he was over the ridge and out of site.  Within a few seconds he reappeared on the ridge about 300 yards away.  Looking straight at me.  What was he thinking?  For the few seconds that he appeared we seemed to connect.  Really!  It was weird.  I hope to see him again.

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