Jan 152014

I could spend a lifetime photographing different artistic renditions of graffiti.

We opened a store in Chubbick, Idaho this week.  Adjacent to Chubbick is an indian reservation.  Driving through Fort Hall indian reservation at first appears to be like any other rural setting.  As I drove further into the area it was clear that the standard of living was very low.  Most homes were run down trailers.  Commercial buildings have long been abandoned.  Numerous dog’s running about the area with no sense of belonging.  The vast majority of vertical surfaces are covered in graffiti.  Tanks, buildings, fences, signs, and anything that could be painted  had graffiti on it.

On some walls there was multiple layers of comments.


I found myself staring at the graffiti in the photo and it took on a three dimensional feel.  Either the colors or just the way the paint was applied created an optical illusion.

Around the corner on an adjacent building is the word “PEACE”.  Why no one has painted over it with messages or statements is interesting.  Maybe it is the message of the reservation.  All the residents agree on the notion of PEACE?  Maybe.

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  3 Responses to “Graffiti”

  1. I get busy and don’t get to look at this as much as I want to. I love to jump on a see what you been up to. I know the Chubbuck area for many years and I totally agree with what you commented on. I love the pictures and the way you look at everyone’s contributes to life.

  2. Love your blog. Not a lot of reading and great pictures

  3. I’m really getting itchy for a new Jim photo fix.

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