Mar 312014

I can’t imagine what Deer go through every cycle of the seasons.  Spring has to be the toughest.  Why?  In our parts the winter is long.  They are short on food.  And lose a lot of weight.  Take this young lady for instance.  She looks pretty beat up.  A long winter and always on the run from those higher on the food chain.


You can tell by the  size of the “rack” of this youngster that he is probably in his third or fourth winter?  Sure has that “I am in charge”  look about him.  But what a wimpy rack.


As the green fields grow and the spring flowers spread the Deer take on a whole new look.  Another summer to eat, grow, mate and enjoy the season.


Hopefully by end of the Fall season the bucks can look like this Giant.  Look at the size of his neck.  I took this photograph this last fall.  I still remember the exact spot I took this photograph.  Though I have posted this before, he still amazes me and I want to share him again.

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