Apr 272014

At a fault, I look for simplicty with all my photography.  It does not matter if it’s scenic, wildlife or people.  Clutter in a photo drives me crazy.  It helps define the subject and directs the viewer to the subject in a hurry.  So when I photographed these falls at the Grotto, it was tough.  Too simple looked weird to me. The photograph ended up with some trees to one side and in the front of the photo.  To me it gives some dimension to the falls and adds contracts to the silky look of the falls.  I’m not sure if it’s my favorite.  It is kinda artsy fartsy….

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Apr 272014

I have a 2010 Honda Stateline I bought last year.  My wife says I bought it on false pretenses.  Looking back that is partially true.  She did say I could have a motorcycle!  But it was supposed to be a scooter.  The salesman at the scooter shop laughed out load when I inquired about me buying a scooter.  I guess he may have thought that my poster boy for weight watchers size played a factor on a scooter actually hauling me around.  Another words I’m huge in comparison to a VESPA scooter.  In the end I bought the Honda Stateline for  half what the scooter would have cost.  So I ended up with a 1300CC bike that hauls my fat butt around pretty dang good.   I love the feeling when riding it.  Open space, no seat belt constraints, and wind blowing in my face.  All good things for a guy with “ism’s”.

Last week I was invited to ride with a group of contractors from a new store opening to Zions National Park,  Kanab and a few other places.   It was like Christmas for me.  The night before I could not sleep.  Like a kid I had my leathers out, helmet ready and all the ancillary items ready and packed.  It was a BLAST!   It has been a very long time since I felt so munch relieve from my stress and anxieties.  The group of riders were great.  The camaraderie and conversations was what I expected from these great men.  We made several stops along the way not traveling much for than 30+ miles at a time.

I hope I can do a ride like this another time with such great company.

My Honda Stateline is at the far right in the photograph

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Apr 272014

Today I put my D4s to my eye again at FBWR.  There are so many daily observers the wild critters are few and far between.

This Blue Heron was waiting for me though, so I may capture it mid day.  But to me the real subject is the Goose in the background.  It’s like he  is saying what I think every time I see a Blue Heron take off – “WOW”

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Apr 082014

My first shots with my new D4s.  I have had the camera for a couple of months but could not  shoot until today.  It’s an incredible machine.  WOW!!!

I played a little with this shot.  Ran through Silver Efex Pro2 – High Key then erased back the stretching Avocet in the center of the shot.

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Apr 042014

Many mammals survive the harsh winters by putting on a new coat.  Thicker, warmer and at times lighter colored outerwear.  When spring arrives the same mammals shed their wither gear and often look disheveled. I ran across this Fox hunting for her meals to put some fat back on.  She has beautiful eyes but her attire is really casual friday at best.  What a beautiful animal to watch and admire.


With great backlight she takes on an artsy look.


Best of all spring often brings out the “little ones”.  It’s an event to witness these little characters.  It’s a laugh a minute.  I waited from 1-1/2 hours before sunrise until about 8:30 am before they stopped long enough to capture a couple of photo’s.  This is another one of the mornings when out enjoying photography that I will never forget!

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Apr 012014

It’s officially Spring.  But it has snowed for the last couple of days.  I am not the only one that can’t wait for the GREEN!!!!!

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