Apr 272014

I have a 2010 Honda Stateline I bought last year.  My wife says I bought it on false pretenses.  Looking back that is partially true.  She did say I could have a motorcycle!  But it was supposed to be a scooter.  The salesman at the scooter shop laughed out load when I inquired about me buying a scooter.  I guess he may have thought that my poster boy for weight watchers size played a factor on a scooter actually hauling me around.  Another words I’m huge in comparison to a VESPA scooter.  In the end I bought the Honda Stateline for  half what the scooter would have cost.  So I ended up with a 1300CC bike that hauls my fat butt around pretty dang good.   I love the feeling when riding it.  Open space, no seat belt constraints, and wind blowing in my face.  All good things for a guy with “ism’s”.

Last week I was invited to ride with a group of contractors from a new store opening to Zions National Park,  Kanab and a few other places.   It was like Christmas for me.  The night before I could not sleep.  Like a kid I had my leathers out, helmet ready and all the ancillary items ready and packed.  It was a BLAST!   It has been a very long time since I felt so munch relieve from my stress and anxieties.  The group of riders were great.  The camaraderie and conversations was what I expected from these great men.  We made several stops along the way not traveling much for than 30+ miles at a time.

I hope I can do a ride like this another time with such great company.

My Honda Stateline is at the far right in the photograph

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