Jun 082014

A few years ago we went to Brazil.  It was a great trip.  Though I probably would never go back.  Late one night we walked down the famous beach in Rio.  A night stroll with our spouses.  My wife was moderately scared.  I was calm.  She was on me constantly to put my camera away.  Is the sun coming up tomorrow?  I’m in a foreign country!  I’m taking photographs!  Most of locals are pretty small.  It would take a small army to get my camera from me.  So the question arises..what to shoot at night on the beach.  Actually I recently found some photo’s I forgot about.  It took me right back to that beach that night.  Some distance from the hotel  two statues.  A man and a women.  They looked like clay statues.  At a closer examination it was obvious they were live statues.  Painted with some sort of mud, crusty material on their faces.  the balance of their body was covered.  Just as you may see a monk with their hood up.  I am truly not sure what they represented.  Being the aggressive photographer that I can be I was right in their faces.  When I found the photograph’s I was disappointed that most of them were blurry.  It was dark.  And there was very little light.  Basically the street lighting off in the distance was the only available light.  I did get two pretty good photo’s.  The photo below is the male.  It is somewhat interesting.  As a subject and as a photograph.  Enjoy!

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