Jul 102014

What is the most common animal sighting at Yellowstone?


If you watch them long enough there are interesting behaviors they exhibit.  The first day at Yellowstone I was enjoying watching and photographing a group of Buffalo.   It didn’t take long to realize one of the new mom’s was severely injured.  Injured bad enough that she didn’t move much.

When she walked she dragged her back left leg and limped on her front right leg.  I really doubt it was a sickness.  It appeared to be an injury from a predator.  She had a beautiful calf that didn’t even seem to realize her condition.  After nursing and nap the calf would run all over the place!


For a few days the mother and calf could be found in the very same vicinity.   Then on my 4th day at Yellowstone they were both missing.  When last seen they stayed in an area in Hayden Valley.  With her injuries I suspect they became a dinner meal for the local Wolf pack in Hayden Valley.

The buffalo are pretty active right now and there is a lot of heading butting going on…




In Lamar Valley surprisingly there was significantly more calves.  This calf was tired.  It’s a lot of work being a calf at Yellowstone.


Often the buffalo are a main attraction for black birds that take advantage of he bugs stirred up as the buffalo move around.


I always look for my daily “artsy fartsy” photograph!


Lastly meet ELVIS!!!

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