Oct 092014

I’m always falling back to black and white photography.  Whenever I travel for work it seems that I see through black and white eyes.  Recently I was near Arches National Park.  Consistently the results of shooting there is black and white prints.  Yesterday while on a very long drive from Boise, Idaho to Winnemucca, Nevada, I stopped at a small acreage of sand dunes.  It was a blast!  Here is a few shots from Arches and the sand dunes.


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  1. Jim, what an eye you have! I love the black and white. I think over time I have shared your opinion of those same sand dunes. I am sure the winds have changed them many times. Thanks for posting and sharing your day. Keep taking a moment to stop, see and take the beautiful pictures to stop time. Time seems to go so fast and you have the ability to freeze it and share it.

  2. Captured beautifully, my friend!!

  3. This is a very beautiful collection!
    It would be great to see these photos in a community of black and white photos: http://hotshoe.org/photos/choice/landscape

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