Apr 072015

I love Birds, wildlife and all moving things. And insects.  Especially spiders.  They crack me up.  They think they are so tough.  Little man syndrome.  Many times I have photographed these little hairy, multiple legged, comedians and made good friends at the same time.  Remember Tara.  She was the most friendly tarantula I have ever spent time with.  She was my buddy on the road for a few days. In the car she liked the dash the most.  I think it was the heat.  In the Hotel room she liked the recliner.  She thought she was queen for a night.  Really, how many tarantula’s stay in the king suite at Holiday Inn express?  I kinda spoiled her.

Some spiders are more difficult to photograph.  For instance the jumping spider.  Had one jump right at the camera and landed on my face.  Or maybe the Daddy long legs.  No, not Mr. “high pockets” Henry, my 9th grade science teacher.   The spider with long legs and eats other spiders.  They must drink Red Bull all day.  They don’t stop for nothing.  Especially a photographer.

The spider in this photograph was real fun.  His only problem was that he kept trying to climb onto the lens.  I had a 200 macro lens at it’s closest focus distance.  About a 1:1 ratio.  Eventual I let him stay on the lens.  He did his research then climbed back down.   If you look real close, he has a huge SMILE on his face.  The smiled appeared right after I said cheese and smile! 🙂


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  2 Responses to “My Friend”

  1. Good to see your photos again.

  2. Agree with OF, it’s good to see some photo’s. However, we do not have the same feelings about spiders. I like them on the bottom of my shoe.

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