Sep 282015

This morning we were on the road 1 hour pre-sunrise.  Heading to Lac Moraine (french for Moraine Lake).  Upon arriving the sun was just kissing the peaks of the “Valley of Ten Peaks”.   It was difficult to get all my gear together as it was -1 degree (centigrade).  Hey I’m in Canada.  Just doing and saying as a Canadian.   To get to the perfect spot I needed to cross the outlet river of Lac Moraine.  Easy.  A bunch of huge dead trees piled across the river.  Just traverse the logs.   Easy.  Until I fell in the river!  Yep up to my knees in glacier water….freezing cold!  The task was at hand.  Crossed the river, then climbed the rock pile to the perfect spot.  Shaking and numb to my knees I waited for the shot.   The peaks with that perfect morning glow.

A fun day.

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