Sep 302015

Karen suggested we go to the second largest glacier fed lake in the world.  So we did.   35km in the wrong direction.   I am so glad we went.  BEAUTIFUL!   We took a boat cruise two thirds of the way to the opposite end of the lake.   Stopped at a place called spirit island.  Not too many places like this on the earth!   Then we drove 224km back to Canmore.   Water falls, mushrooms, pano lake shots, all kinds of fun.  In fact too much to post tonight….





This is a close up of the ice fields using a long lens.   The the 50 person buses in the bottom.   Gives size to the ice field.

This is the ice fields with a wider lens.   Really shows the size of the ice fields.  Since 1985 the ice fields has reduced in size by 65%.


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  One Response to “On to Jasper and Spirit Island!”

  1. Absolutely breathtaking!!
    God has so richly blessed you with talent that blesses us with your capture of His splendor.
    Thank you Friend!

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