Oct 012015

Today is Thursday October 1st.  We fly home tomorrow…..(insert sad face emoji).  Slept in a bit.   My persistence paid off this morning.  I have begged My Bride to go to the Ammonite/Ammolite factory.  The Ammonite fossils (some 70 million years old) are found world wide.  The incredibly stunning Ammolite is only found in this part of Canada.  Considered one of the rarest gems, the opportunity to see how they are mined and finished was important to me.   The visit exceeded my expectations.

This past week was very stress relieving.   To be in the wilderness and carrying my camera is always top of my fun list.   To be with Karen the whole time made it supreme!



For you photographers this next shot was taken at ground level.  I actually sat my D800 with a 16-38mm lens on the moss.  Laying on my belly it was extremely difficult to focus.    The lens was about 13″ from the mushrooms.   The upright mushroom is about 3″ tall.   Not a particularly great photo.  Just will always remember the location and the actual spot.




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