Mar 292011

I am in Florida for Photoshop World!

I did bring a couple of hundred pounds of photo gear.  Do you really think I would fly all the way to Florida and not take photograph’s?  Darn rights!!!  I snuck out this morning before the 4 hour “HDR – Class”.

Lot’s of nest building…….

giant egret stick in mouth fly

And even more little brats…..

egret chicks close

What made my whole day was when I looked back and my wife had picked up one of my cameras and was shooting!!!!  Maybe miracles do happen.  These are just teasers.  What an incredible day.  My wife even had a couple of great shots…..more TK….JC

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Mar 262011

It’s has been an incredible month or so!  Work is picking up.  Filtering through piles of applications for two new hires.  And gone every night to see an individual close to me that had medical problems.  Literally every night at the hospital.  Day-night-day-night for a month….

The last chance to capture was about a week ago.  I had about two hours in the afternoon.  Drove to Antelope Island.  The long causeway creates an incredible opportunity to photograph Northern Harrier Hawks. Flying 10 to 20 above the edge of the causeway they are hunting.  Out came the 600mm.  Pulled over on the wrong side.  Set the aperture and waited.  Then HE came along head down.  Looking for mice.  Then he would pass.  As he passed, I would fire off 50 or 60 shots.  Then I would back up a thousand feet or so and wait again.  Every time he passed he would look over at me for a split second.  Literally.  One frame of 9 frames per second……Good looking guy!  Man what eyes!!!!

Hawk look

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Feb 272011


Farmington Management area closes this week.  I think tomorrow.  Up very early this morning for my last chance at some Bald Eagle shots.  Actually I was up every two hours basting 8 lbs. of  beef brisket in my new smoker…..was a dismal failure.  It will take time to get this food smoking thing down.  Back to the eagles….it was a cloudy day.  Photo abilities were being tested.  Bald’s are not the easiest to shoot.  White heads and dark bodies.  Cloudy helps but lends to flat photo’s.  Man, it was fun even if my butt was as cold as a Norbest turkey.  Today my camera and I were at ground level…yes in the ice and mud.  Made for better pic’s!  It was well worth it!!!!!  Going to Wyoming for the week.  Going to miss the Bald’s!!!!!


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Feb 252011


Juvenile.  Probably one year old.  Not as shy as the adults to a camera.  This beauty landed on a post at FBBR and allowed me to get a few head shots.  Pretty cute guy!!!

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Feb 182011


9  Days in Guatemala.

Antigua, Chichicostenanga, Tikal, Lake Atitlan.  All locations we travel to and through.  My days…..7 of them spent in the hotel.  Must have ate something.  I won’t go into any detail of my “illness’.  Most of my photography was done in and around the hotels or from bus.  Not what I hoped for.  All in all it is a beautiful place.

Every hotel we stayed at had McCaws with clipped wings to keep them on the grounds.  Easy shooting of an animated bird.


This guy was an absolute riot!  What a character.  Enjoyed a few minutes with him.  He really wanted my camera lens hood.


I was a little trapped with the fact I was shooting a lot of street scenes.  This man above may or may not be homeless.  He was seated outside the wall of a church.  Maybe just a great place to picnic?


We were told by the guides and others that we should ask to photograph the locals.  They have a deep seated religious belief that being photographed has negative consequences.  So I asked.  Pointed my finger at my camera then at the person.  Then had a look on my face like…”may I?”  This lady was selling flowers on the steps of a big cathedral.  I though she was ok with me taking the photograph.  By her look though I am not sure she really wanted me to do it.


There was all modes of transportation.  Families on motorcycles…..


Even crammed into a “tuk- tuk”.   Most were walking.


The company provided a luncheon where dancers performed.  I was not eating much…so I photographed the dancers.

For the next few days I plan on sharing my unique trip in Guatamala.  I hope you enjoy.

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Feb 172011

herrior sunset

Had to get a few shots in tonight…..

I rushed to FBBR tonight minutes before the sun was setting and caught this Harrier Hawk.  She was feasting off some fish remains that the Eagles had left.   Shot with D3S, 600mm f/4, 2x teleconverter, ISO 200 at 1/60, -1/3 EV.  Lucked out with the low light, long lens and little vibration!

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Feb 132011


Today was absolutely beautiful!

After church four hours was used up with my FBBR friends.  Yesterday was the advertised “Eagle Day”.  Talk about crowds!  Bumper to bumper front to back on the dikes at the refuge.  The birds stayed WAAAAY back.  In the four hours there was only one opportunity to capture a Bald Eagle shot.  From about three quarters of a mile a bald eagle saw a seagull drop a 6″ fish.  We had the bird in our sights most the day.  As soon as the fish was dropped the Eagle flew right at us, picked up the fish and went back to his perch way out there.

The shot above is a composite of two shots of the same bird.  One just as the eagle was grasping for the fish.   The other just as the fish was picked up.   The eagles are thinning out.  Especially since the big crowds are showing up at the refuge.    Looks like another great year of clicks there…..

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Feb 102011


Tuesday night was spectacular  at Farmington Bay.  Bright sunlight at just the right angles.  A little break to Capture on the sensor some eagles.   After 9 days in beautiful Guatemala (7 of 9 days sick in hotel room. More on that later.) I needed to see what was going on at the Bay.  Luck was definitely on my side with the light and a very friendly (hungry) Bald Eagle.   Cranked up the ISO to 1200 and shot wide open.  Then let the birds put on their show….

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Feb 092011


Back from Guatemala.

Last night I ran over to FBBR to see what I have missed for the last two weeks.  Just before sunset this eagle snatched a fish….I snatched this shot!  I kinda like it.

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Jan 232011

They are back!


Been sick for a few days.  Had to get out for fresh air.  Day after being father-of-the-Bride.  Refuge here we come.  Hundreds of eagles.  Most of them too far out on the ice.  A few came close to check things out.  My camera was on fire…..



I really could sit out there all day and watch the Eagles steal from the Gulls.  The Eagles are the epitome of thieves.


It really is amazing how all of a sudden the number of Eagles, seagulls and herons has increased in a very short time.


Though I could not stay long because of how I felt it was a blast……….


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