Sep 232010

A little different this year!

No Electricity at Fishing Bridge RV.  A fire closed Dunraven Pass where it’s most likely to see bear.  Warmer than normal so wildlife is scarce.  A big new lens to get used to.  Lost my debit card to a hungry ATM.


Only two days left to get more of…………

Bull elk down head tiltbrdr

A lot of incredible and very funny experiences.  It’s gone to fast.  Tonight I moved to West Yellowstone…WI-FI, Electricity, water, flush toilets, showers and lights.  But little time will be spent here.  My time will be out with the wild “critters”.  Where I love to be!

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Sep 082010

Do eagles eat snakes?  Not sure.

Tonight while driving to Prosser, Washington for dinner with the “biker” the drive was interrupted.  Across the sky just in front of me flew a big bird with a huge snaked dangling below.  As usual when seeing an immediate photo opportunity the rental car brakes were tested.  The eagle landed about 200 yards away.  Did not have the big gun with me to bring the photo close.  Put on the 70-200 and the 2x converter.  Had no time to approach the ensuing  battle in stealth mode.  Shot from the roadside in the car.

Look close. The snake is about 4 feet long and wrapped around the eagle……

Eagle with snake wrap

The pic’s aren’t the best.  Had to crop a bunch.  Thank goodness for VR, digital and Nikon resolution!  So at least the story can be told in pic’s.

The snake bit the eagle……….and the fight began……….

Eagle Snake bite

Eagle Snake fight

The snake made an impression and was the most aggressive and determined.  If the snake was venomous I wonder if it did in fact leave a poisonous gift.

Hopefully another day and another battle!!!!

Eagle Snake get away

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Sep 062010

May have saved a life!

Friday night found myself on a narrow road on the east side of Bear Lake Utah/Idaho.   At 10:00 P.M. not too many cars.  Brights on.   Incredibly, right in front of the truck dang near in the middle of the road  a big Owl!  I had to investigate.  No response when I pulled up, no response when I walked up, even petting got no response.  This 24″ tall birds head slumped as if un-conscience.   Was he hit by a car?  I pulled a little at his wings and did a quick body check in the head lights of the truck.  My side agreed that we needed to do something.   He rode in the back of the truck till we arrived at our house (at the lake).  We inspected him further in the house.  His one eye was damaged.  He wouldn’t open it.  It was late.  I placed him outside on the deck fully expecting to find him dead in the morning.

Before the sun came up my wife woke me and said look out the window…….here is the view though  the window…..

Owl Morninf After BL

Outside I took this shot.  He had enough strength to get up on the handrail.  But his eye was still closed and he barely kept the other eye open…….

Great Horn on Handrail

When I approached he flew……..

Barn Owl flyover roof

Later at about 10:00 A.M……….

Owl Morning After in tree2

The next morning he moved to another place on the other side of the tree………

Owl in Tree Day 2 close

Close up of BAD eye……

Great Horned Owl Bad Eye Extreme Close

The GOOD EYE………….

Great Horned Owl Eye Extreme Close2

Both Eyes of a beautiful, beautiful animal….

Great Horned Owl Both Eye Extreme Close

This morning a quick check did not produce any sighting of the Big Guy!    I hope he is out tonight.  Hunting, eating and gliding about.  Healthy and strong!

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Sep 032010


For quit a while now I have been “focused” on little things!  Bugs, wasps, birds, couples, etc.  In two weeks I will be home in the outdoors.  YELLOWSTONE for a week !!!

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Sep 022010

Love is beautiful.  And so are these two people.

Annie is special.  What a gal.  Beautiful, smart and hard working.  Her fiance – I met tonight.  Seems like a great fit for her.  They seem to have the same goals ambitions and desires.  Important these days.  They are to be betrothed in October.  God bless you!  You deserve it!


Dan helped tonight.  Good thing his shots were the best!!!


For some reason they wanted to keep taking this shot!!!!!


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Aug 252010

His name is Ben

He is dating my daughter,.

I like Ben

last weekend at Bear lake Ben and my daughter played.  Wave runners for each of them.  Look close at this pic.  In the spray from Ben is my daughter……getting wet.


Crazy FUN


Impressive “guns” ………


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Aug 172010

I am NOT a penny pincher.

I have no debt.

I like quality

In an effort to be a “team player” my transportation expectations have changed dramatically.  For many years getting from the plane to the rental car and on the road has been SIMPLE.  The cars have been new.  And I drive with a smile.

The last two weeks have been dramatically different.  Here is an accurate comparison

National Car Rental:                                                          Hertz:

Save $5.00

A wait for a shuttle                                                                                    No wait

A long wait at the counter                                                                        No wait

A long wait for a car (one hour)

Everything in reverse when returning car                                           Drop car in walking distance of Delta

Shuttle back to airport

Why the story?  I have ordered the Nikon 600mm F/4 VR lens.  It’s the Hertz Gold card lens.  Every review talks about it’s incredible tack sharp focus.  Nano coated glass.  Ultra quiet and fast focusing.  The ‘king” for wildlife photography.  No cutting corners or shuttle busses here.  It’s the best of the best.  I hope the wait is not a year or more.  It’s very hard lens to get.  September I will be walking the woods in yellowstone.  I hope to see the lens at the end of the trees before then.


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Aug 152010

Somewhere right now, all around the world a frog is sitting and waiting.  And waiting.  And Waiting.  The life of a frog.  Waiting for that unlucky insect that will become a meal for the frog.  Look close.  Is he smiling?  I doubt it.  How long will he sit there?  For hours.  Or at least until dinner arrives.  Yep you guessed it.  I waited to see if I could photograph the moment the frog “took in” the meal.  It seemed like eternity.  More like an hour.  He did not flinch.  I was writhing.  Something to learn here…..


Then I noticed the bubbles around the frogs.  Not what you think.  To be honest I need to do some homework myself.  But I did notice some bubbles coming from the frogs mouth.  Something to pass the time?  Gas?  Or part of the waiting process?  Who knows.


While I was impatiently waiting for the Frog to flinch a flock of White Face Ibis’s stopped by.  Until I flinched!!!


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Aug 142010

Portland, Oregon.  My landing and take off place.  Sunnyside, Washington is three hours from Portland.  I spend little time in Portland.  Just enough time to get a car.  Or check into a hotel by the airport and sleep.  Last night I skipped dinner and took off to see “The Grotto”.  A world famous place of worship for the public.  Owned by the Catholic Church.  I heard the grounds where spectacular. An arboretum and beautiful scriptural statues.  It was well after 7:00 p.m. and did not expect to photograph much.  The Grotto is nestled in a huge trees and a plethora of plant life.

My time was short.  The trail I took was a path lined with brass three dimensional murals/placards.  I was moved to say the least.  The expressions, textures and finishes was incredible.  And the light.  It was perfect.  This first one is a representation of Christ fallen while carrying the cross


This second shot piece blew me away.  The light was falling off and broken by tree limbs and leaves.  Regardless of your personal beliefs this work has an impact.  If you believe in Christ it takes you there.  Some worship in the representation.  Some the actual event.  And others in Christ’s life.  I was moved by the work and it’s beauty.  Especially this night with the light and conditions I witnessed.  I hope to go back soon.


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