Mar 272014

The one thing I have learned doing photography is to focus as much on light as much or maybe even more than the subject.  After all,  what is a subject without decent light to insure the subject is truly that...the subject.   I find myself in a big hurry sometimes.  When doing so often the exposure settings are overlooked in tough lighting situations.  With this photograph of the elk on the Madison, I thought before I took.  It is a -1.3 exposure compensation.  If I wouldhave let the camera figure the exposure the highlights on the elk would have been completely burned out.  I love this type of lighting.  The subject is lit (side lighting as well!) and the backdrop is in the shadows.



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Mar 262014

Years ago my wife said “how many pictures can you take of a stupid elk?”.  Organizing my photographs I discovered that I guess I can take thousands and thousands.  Looking back at years of photo’s is fun.  I forgot about most of them.  But for the most part I remembered when and where they were taken.   I realize that favorite photographs have as much to do with the experience as much as the actual photograph.  So many photo’s so many favorites….tons.




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Mar 262014

I haven’t traveled for a while.  But worse I have been in a photographic SLUMP!  Since about Christmas my spare time has been spent organizing my photographs.  It takes a long time to organize 5TB of photographs!

Today I am in Boise for several reasons.   While near downtown I ran over to the most notable Cathedral in Boise.  Realizing I had forgotten my tripod it took some real steady hands to take a few interior shots!  Another beautiful edifice.




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Jan 152014

I could spend a lifetime photographing different artistic renditions of graffiti.

We opened a store in Chubbick, Idaho this week.  Adjacent to Chubbick is an indian reservation.  Driving through Fort Hall indian reservation at first appears to be like any other rural setting.  As I drove further into the area it was clear that the standard of living was very low.  Most homes were run down trailers.  Commercial buildings have long been abandoned.  Numerous dog’s running about the area with no sense of belonging.  The vast majority of vertical surfaces are covered in graffiti.  Tanks, buildings, fences, signs, and anything that could be painted  had graffiti on it.

On some walls there was multiple layers of comments.


I found myself staring at the graffiti in the photo and it took on a three dimensional feel.  Either the colors or just the way the paint was applied created an optical illusion.

Around the corner on an adjacent building is the word “PEACE”.  Why no one has painted over it with messages or statements is interesting.  Maybe it is the message of the reservation.  All the residents agree on the notion of PEACE?  Maybe.

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Jan 052014

So far it’s been a very, very cold winter.

So much for Gobal Warning.  (My annual political statement)

Because the temps have been so low, all the open water froze very early this year.  And have stayed frozen.  The downside is the very limited Bald Eagle sightings at the refuge.  Ducks, Herons and other shore birds have been missing.  Not a lot to photograph.  On occasion the Harrier Hawks and America Kestrels made an appeareance.

Yesterday I was fascinated by the Ice patterns on the Frozen waters.  For about an hour I walked out on the snow covered ice and photographed hundreds of shapes.




These shapes went on for as far as I could see.

There was some familiar shapes.  All created by mother nature.

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Jan 032014

As of late it seems that some birds have it pretty good.  As long as man could look up he wanted to fly.  I wish I could fly.  Not by jumping out of a perfectly good plane!  Or a backwards leap off a bridge or cliff.  I’m talking about wings spread and gliding.  The only sound is the wind over my wings.  Looking down at the Gods other creations.


I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate all my blessings.  I really do.  In my youth I would dream that I could fly.  My dreams for the most part are in full color and seem real.  Upon waking from a dream where I was flying I would try to go back to sleep.  Back to “that” world”.

Many birds are absolutely beautiful.


And some just are elegant beyond belief.


As with all species there is family, pairs, companions, and just buddies.


If all my beliefs, and teachings fail me when I die and there is reincarnation… I want to be a bird!!!!

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Jan 022014

This morning was another spent at FBWR looking for eagles.  NONE!  No Owls, Hawks or Kestrels.  Just a friendly Pheasant.  As many time as I have been to the Refuge maybe this little guy was used to me.  Typically when I stop off they go.  Either in a mad run or flight.  Not today.  He just kept eating and occasionally making sure a double barrel was not pointed at him.


He was calm and not as anxious as usual.  MAde for some great captures!



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Jan 022014

In Yellowstone and far away places my photo excursions searching for wildlife usually puts me near a Coyote.  They are fairly common.  Mostly in National Parks and areas where they can’t be hunted.  In all instances they were hunting.  Either for themselves or for little ones needing multiple daily feedings.  This week at Antelope Island this particular Coyote gave me fits!  He was focused on getting somewhere.  No hunting just moving and travel.  The snow and extreme cold made for some tough shooting.  As I followed him for a long  way he never slowed. Not once.  It made me wonder where he was going?  Soon he was over the ridge and out of site.  Within a few seconds he reappeared on the ridge about 300 yards away.  Looking straight at me.  What was he thinking?  For the few seconds that he appeared we seemed to connect.  Really!  It was weird.  I hope to see him again.

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Jan 022014

At our house we have a way of telling how happy people are during Christmas and the holidays.  It’s simple; the more elaborate the christmas lights and displays, the happier the family!  In my neighbor hoods we have some real happy homes.  Last week we went to temple square where they put up the BEST lighting and spritual displays.  Made for some fun photography also.

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