Dec 222009


It’s snowing in Prescott.  At Links Lake the fog is thick.  Tonight was time for some “phoggy” photography.   The scenes took on the look of high key shots.


At least the water fowl were moving about.  Put the panning to the test!


I was lucky to be there.  As opposed to this frog’s luck.  As he was dinner for this duck.   Are frog legs a delicacy for a duck?

All shots were at ISO 3200 and 1/1600, f/3.8

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Dec 222009


Late last night (very late) my camera finger got a little itchy!  Made a quick trip to the Walmart vegetable department and borrowed some black and some white paper from the Hotel.  Why mushrooms?  I was intrigued by the shape and very light texture.

blackandwhiteonionGreen Onions?  The scourge of the earth!  The most evil “plant” on earth!  Fun to photograph.  Pure white bulb to dark stems.  I could not even see the color when I bought them. By the way they are double bagged and I handle with gloves.  These things have to be a punishment for man from God.  Anyway a pretty wide spectrum for black and white.

Green Onions

I felt that I needed to make these awful monsters look their best.  Topaz  filters helped.  At least this is the best evil food can look!  People eat these things????? Yikes!

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Dec 192009


All day everyday.  He hunts.  Beautiful and deadly.  The Harrier is mesmerizing to watch.  Even more fun to………. photograph.

Farmington Bay Refuge: D3, 200-400mm lens, 1.7 teleconverter, f6.7 @ 1/1600, ISO 3200.

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Dec 152009


Early this morning the hunter (Northern Harrier) was out.  He patrols the same areas throughout the day.  His flight is deliberate and not rushed.  The slight breeze keeping his wings apart only brief adjustments to keep him on course.  Always inspecting the ground.   Familiar though it may be his eyes seek movement and an eventual snack.

On the ground at waters edge is the hunted (Curlew).  A very small winged relative?  About the size of a dinner roll.  A beak at least the length of his body.   Fear emanates from his eyes.  As the hunter searches overhead this little guy shrinks in size and flattens to the ground.  Only just before the hunter approaches he sprints away only inches off the ground.  The short distance takes him to the other waters edge, out of site of the approaching hunter.  A lucky coincidence the hunter did not see the movement.   Hopefully the little bird has another day to experience.


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Dec 132009

It’s Sunday afternoon.  Been home resting and enjoying no schedule.  Raining and snowing outside.  Time to look at the archives.  This is why I like having the camera to my eye more than sitting at the computer.  I mess with the picture more than I should.  This photograph taken a couple of years ago at Cedar Breaks is one of my favorite scenics.  The colors are dramatic.  It really needed to be painted by someone good at painting.  That’s not me.  So Topaz software comes to the rescue.  The scene does not change.  Same elements.  A digital software adjustment.  Literally one click!  I kinda like it.  Mostly because I cold never paint it.


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Dec 112009

FourpointI had to get back tonight where I saw the wildlife last night.  I knew that somewhere around all those deer there had to be a buck.  The ladies were everywhere last night.  But the “dude” was not to be found.  Until late tonight.  This guy was real bossy.  A much smaller and younger buck was the butt end of this guys antlers.  The large group of doe’s was his property and he was in no mood to share.

fourrunnerThe difficulty tonight was to place myself in a prime photographic position.  I worked the slopes so I was hid until he came out where the background had better contrast.  He cooperated until he realized I was there.  A very short relationship.  But I have proof that he and I was there.

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Dec 112009

takeoff Close to home and easy access.  It’s winter at Farmington Bay.  Soon the Eagles will be fight over fish.  Now the areas for the smaller fliers is limited.  Where the shooters with guns are or where the shooters with cameras are.

Nikon D3, (very low light) ISO 3200, 200-400 lens with 1.7 converter, f6.7 @ 1/250 secondfoodfight

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Dec 082009

Two QuailIn my rental car this morning the outside temp. was -10.  Yes below zero.  Below freezing.  I mean really down there.  My first time this year to wear a coat.  About two feet of snow in Carson area made it easy to spot wildlife tonight.  The Quail were puffed up trying to stay warm.  And the beautiful lady below posed for me for just a few seconds.  What a beauty!


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