Nov 032009


Visited a Catholic Cathedral in Virginia City Nevada (to photograph). The Saint Marys in the Mountains Cathedral recently had an extensive renovation. Originally built in the late 1800’s it has a very intriguing history. Once gutted by fire and another time pilfered by monks. Today it’s a beautiful building reflecting the beliefs and diligence of a small congregation of the Catholic Faith.


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Oct 312009


They all have a different look.  Here is a set in from Fallon, Nevada.  A very old abandoned home.  In this first shot I pushed the saturation and Vibrance.  Getting the blue hues in the shadows and the deep red on the window screens.


The Black and White is a simple conversion in Silver Efex Pro.


And this one is the same as the Black and White but did a gradation on the first layer (background).   Erased through the third layer (Silver Efex Pro) to the second layer (original saturated color layer).  I also put a shadow on the title.

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Oct 302009

BuckfamilyDeer often find solace, security and dinner in local alfalfa fields.  If you had guns pointing at you once a year your place of rest would probably where guns aren’t allowed.  This family definitely wanted to keep me at a great distance.  The fall colors and very late lighting offered some punch to the photograph.

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Oct 282009

ScarymessFallon, Nevada – the Oasis in the desert.  And the home of some old scary buildings.  This place is real scary.  Literally.  I am not sure who owned or owns this place but…….

Look at it.   WOW!  What a mess.  Kinda looks like my kitchen if my wife is gone or sick for more than a day!

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Oct 262009


Sorry I couldn’t resist the artsy look on this one.   Shot so many cactus that I had to push the limit.

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Oct 252009


What a beautiful Sunday!  Temps are just right.  Colors are even better. Took this shot just after church in east Bntfl. just off Bntfl. Blvd.

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