Oct 232009

azwaspLast night when I was on a walk with Tara I photographed this beautifully colored wasp.   This trip I did not carry all my gear that I usually carry, i.e macro flash, etc.  Now I somewhat regret it.  The lighting was really flat.  I could have created more contrast with the background if I had my flash.  Oh well.  Still have a record of a unique insect.    Shot with Nikon D3 and through the 105 f/2.8 macro lens.  I don’t have the rest of the metadata with me but I do know that the ISO was 3200.  Truly amazing technology these days…thanks NIKON!

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Oct 222009

LibraryA new weekly assignment…


As soon as I read the assignment I was thrilled and excited to try something a little different.  In Prescott Valley they are building a new library.  The construction is very modern in architecture.  And fits the bill for this weeks assignment.

I spend about 60 days a year in hotels.  There is obvious rhythm in the halls of the hotels.  There is also rhythm in my regular apperance in the halls of the hotels.  Both photographs taken with the D3. The library is shot through the 105 f/2.8 vr macro, 1/320 second @ f2.8, ISO 200,  -.67EV.  Location – 34,35.6838 N,  112,20.1213W.    Hotel Hall – shot through the 14-24 f/2.8, 3 second exposure @ f/22, ISO 200, -.67 EV.  Both photographs processed through Silver Efex Pro in post.

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Oct 212009

tara1Tarantula.  Never experienced this little gal in the wild before last night.  While photographing a sunset storm I almost stepped on her. What a beautiful lady.  After some research it was obvious that this spider is a female.  The female has a larger abdomen than the male.  The male tarantula has thinner legs.   Tarantulas supposedly are very popular as pets.  She is very docile and easy to handle.  Last night it was too dark to photograph her so I…..I…sacrificed my 32 oz. Dr. Pepper for a temporary home for my new friend.   Before I confined her to the cup we had a bonding period.  At first she was pretty anxious.  But soon she was all over me and exploring my hands and arms.  The tarantula is softer then they look.

We soon became friends and I promised her I would return her to the same spot on my return back to phoenix.  Today up in Chino Valley I let her out and she ran all over.  Like a vacation I guess.  She did a lot of exploring.  And I did a lot of photography.  It was a blast.


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Oct 202009

I17sunsetBack in AZ.  Can frustration be more compounded than when a beautiful sunset is right out your window but you cannot photograph it while your stuck in traffic.  Speeding to that “limit” I finally was able to pull over and shoot the last few seconds of the effects of the sunset.

Just before this shot was taken was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  What was left was in fact fun to record.

The best part is that while out off the side of the road I found a new friend. Every effort was made to photograph him but it was way to dark.  I have never met one of these guys in person.  It was exciting.  For both of us. Not to waste a great opportunity I brought him up to Prescott.  His surroundings were unfamiliar in the car (in a container) so I kept the tunes at a low roar.  And kept the speed near the limit.  Tomorrow when time permits I will photograph him.  On my trip back to Phoenix I will put him back right where I found him.  Like a vacation for two days, hopefully his family won’t be too worried.

Check back tomorrow night.  If he is Ok as a model I should have some shots to share.  No model releases required here….

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Oct 182009


Photography is the recording of  light.  Physical light.  It’s what photography is all about.   The basis for every snap shot.  Light creates mood, ambiance, and realism to a photograph.  Without it there is no texture, shape, or color.  Without light there is nothing.

Everyday, light reveals the details and colors in the photograph above.  Due to the angle of the light the textures are real.  The imperfections in the steel are revealed.  The light fall off gives depth to this photograph.  As simple as this shot is, light makes it interesting and tells a story of manmade objects that have weathered and aged.

I  am blessed that I can see light.  And maybe even better is that I can record objects and subjects that reflect light.  Definitely a passion of mine.

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Oct 172009

Woodwheel A few people that have been following and participating in weekly assignments met today in person for the first time.  Some really fine people!  Our common interest/passion is photography.  We hope to get together on photo excursions, classes or meet and greet, and the such.  Thanks to Chez Paschal our little group is coagulating.  The different abilities, talents, age, and experiences will create an environment of learning.  Then there is the World Wide Web.  As each of us discover new or exciting, articles, photographers, or photographs we will be able to share them with each other.  I am thrilled and excited.

The photographed posted here was taken on a very old wagon.  My attraction to aged things is probably because of their texture, crazy colors and different shapes.  I love photographing old weathered wood.  The steel although red from many years of rust is still in tact and true to its original shape.  The angles, shapes, textures and colors attracted me to this shot.  In post I processed thru Silver efex pro then erased back the lower layer in photoshop to bring back the colors of the wheel and axle bolt.

Nikon D3, 105 f/2.8 VR macro lens, 120th second @ f/11, ISO 200, -.7 EV

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Oct 162009

HarvestlateHave you ever looked close at an old corn stalk?

I guess some portion or maybe all the corn fields I have been driving by this summer are for feed or even ethanol.  Either way I had to stop and look close at the textures and shapes created by this harvest.  Peeking out in this pic is a portion of a cob.  I decided to use it to my photographic advantage and process the photo black and white.  Then I erased back from the lower layer the colors of the cob.  A little corny?………:-)

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Oct 152009

desertsunsetI rushed out of the city to get this shot.   While looking for another creative way to photograph the agricultural landscape the sun set then the colors exploded.

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Oct 142009

HarvestwatercolorIt’s definitely Fall in Twinn Falls.

First let me say that it’s christmas here in my world.  Yesterday before leaving for Twinn Falls I found a large package on my doorstep.  The return postage was California.  Is it?  Could it be?  Yes my D3 had been shipped back.  Home.  In my waiting hands.  Then my whole world falls apart. Three of 5 projects at work fell apart in a 24 hour period.  Extremes in every aspect of the construction process are being tested.  Emotions all over the place.  And no time to photograph.  The D3 sits and waits.  Tonight I had to sneak away and  fire off a few frames.

Twinn Falls has to be mostly agriculture. Miles of corn and more miles of sweet potatoes.  The wind was at about 20 mph.  The tops of the stalks reflect the wind.  But the dry stalks stand firm.  Shot with the D3, 24-70 f/2.8 lens at f16.  In  post I ran the shot through Topaz filter to get the watercolor effect.

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Oct 132009

MotionThis weeks assignment motion or stop motion.  Couldn’t resist with this shot.  Simple but meets minimum of the assignment.  In post the photo is simplified with Topaz filter.

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