Sep 072015

Did you know that the American Kestral needs rest?  Actually this little predator is using the sign to eat dinner.  He had eaten most of the mouse.  A little morsel is left in his claws!

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Sep 062015

I read this quote last night while reading:

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer

Today I got out the gear and went photo hunting.  I find that all my worldly worries and problems disappear  when I watch and photograph animals and birds.  All critters big and small!  Today was no exception.  The Great Blue Heron is a very, very patient hunter.  Many professional photographers tease about about how easy the Heron is to photograph because they are so prevalent.  I find that they are not easy to capture in pixels.  In most cases when approaching the Heron they will fly off.  I sat for at least an hour waiting for a Heron to come out of hiding.  He was behind a large area of reeds.   While waiting I took the big lens off and photographed a frog just down the slope from me.  There were frogs everywhere.  They must  be like rabbits.  Multiplying like crazy!

 Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you were a Blue Heron?  Eat, preen and sleep.  The objectives of the day.  Not sure if they really worry about predators?   Lately I wish I could be a subject (bird or animal) without stress, worries and drama!  Anymore life is so much about instant gratification.  The phones we carry never let us take a break from life.  We get messages, texts and calls all times of the night and day.  It’s crazy!!!!!   Herons are lucky the don’t carry iPhones.  Pretty much have no worries.  Maybe they are incapable of worrying.   A beautiful bird the Blue Heron is…..

 They don’t pay taxes, don’t have alarm clocks, and surely don’t have the internet.  Pretty lucky birds those Heron’s!  The are masters of catching fish……..

Yummy ……..a live fish or something resembling a fish!


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Apr 272014

Today I put my D4s to my eye again at FBWR.  There are so many daily observers the wild critters are few and far between.

This Blue Heron was waiting for me though, so I may capture it mid day.  But to me the real subject is the Goose in the background.  It’s like he  is saying what I think every time I see a Blue Heron take off – “WOW”

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Apr 082014

My first shots with my new D4s.  I have had the camera for a couple of months but could not  shoot until today.  It’s an incredible machine.  WOW!!!

I played a little with this shot.  Ran through Silver Efex Pro2 – High Key then erased back the stretching Avocet in the center of the shot.

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Mar 302014

I know it’s a little gross.  The mouses’s last view……

I’ve posted this before but am having so much fun in post these days.  Broke some of my own rules with wildlife photo’s…..Oh well!

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Mar 302014

For more than 1o years my short travels have been at the Farmington Bay Bird Refuge. Only once I have witnessed and photographed the American Bittern.


 This winter day I saw my first.  The American Bittern has a very long migratory range.  This stop had to have been to dine.  To fuel up.  The first sighting of a fish he was off in a big hurray…


Wikipedia states; “The American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus) is protected under the United States Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.  It is also protected under the CanadianMigratory Birds Convention Act of 1994.”  To see the whole description of the Wikipedia page on the American Bittern check here.

This guy quickly attempted to grab the first fish he saw.


This guy was pretty fast. Especially considering that the water was rushing by.  Caught by the tail!!

The idea is to get the whole fish in his mouth and swallow whole.  On several attempts he would drop then re-grab the fish.


Eventually he got the fish in his mouth.  Holy Cow!  There was no way for this hungry Bittern to swallow this fish.  His eyes were much bigger than his mouth.  Maybe he thought he was part pelican!  It was hilarious!  He just sat there with the fish in his mouth.  Maybe two or three minutes.  I was laughing out load.  I know he was hungry but really?   Then he tried to adjust a little to get that oversized square peg in that tiny round hole.  And dropped the fish.  Guess who got away?
A little embarrassed but undaunted he flew to another spot on the river.  My time with this Bittern was fun.  He did catch and ingest several fish.  He didn’t stay long.  He had a long trip ahead.  Probably somewhere in Canada.  Thanks for stopping by and letting me capture you.  Another great photographic experience!
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Jan 032014

As of late it seems that some birds have it pretty good.  As long as man could look up he wanted to fly.  I wish I could fly.  Not by jumping out of a perfectly good plane!  Or a backwards leap off a bridge or cliff.  I’m talking about wings spread and gliding.  The only sound is the wind over my wings.  Looking down at the Gods other creations.


I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate all my blessings.  I really do.  In my youth I would dream that I could fly.  My dreams for the most part are in full color and seem real.  Upon waking from a dream where I was flying I would try to go back to sleep.  Back to “that” world”.

Many birds are absolutely beautiful.


And some just are elegant beyond belief.


As with all species there is family, pairs, companions, and just buddies.


If all my beliefs, and teachings fail me when I die and there is reincarnation… I want to be a bird!!!!

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Dec 172013

I know!!!!!!!

I have thousands of photographs of Norther Harriers.

I just can’t help myself.  They are a blast to watch.  Even more fun to attempt and capture in flight.  The Harrier is beautiful when it’s wings and feathers are all spread out in flight.  This last week I was blessed to find an amiable suitor to let me follow……

Hunting from the same post she would take off one direction……..


More than not she missed the kill.  She would then fly back to the post.  Watch for prey.  Then take off the other direction……


All my practice “panning” paid off this day for sure.

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Dec 172013

The last while it’s been real cold.  This past week we have had our annual fog and “yuk”!  The mornings frost is in the valley.  With my Nikon Df on the passenger seat I’m always ready to pull over and capture some winter Black and White!



Guess who I found sitting on a two rail fence………….

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