Nov 232012


I got out for a couple of hours today.

Yep and yet another Hawk photograph.

Had a little time to sit and play and learn tonight.  Loaded some software I have had since photoshop World.  Couldn’t resist spreading the wings (pardon the pun).

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Nov 222012


For my parents and extended family. Especially those that walked across the country when horses were the Cadillac of travel, just to settle and have their own.   They were the toughest of all and taught us what real endurance means.


I am thankful for my eyesight.  Lately I have been not shooting as much.  My vision is as bad as it has ever been and worse.  Getting old usually means eye wear and Cataract’s.  I am fortunate to live at a time when cataract surgery is almost as common as a cold.  Next month I will have two surgeries to fix both eyes.  God willing I will have 20-20 vision for the rest of my life.  Can’t wait to look through the viewfinder again and see what is and is not in focus.  Yipeee!


I’m thankful for HDR, macro, flash, Color Efex pro, NAPP, Nikon, Apple, Wacom, Scandisk, Gitzo, Really Right Stuff, Gimble heads, filters, and anything that makes me better at my passion than I really am.  I am blessed to be able to enjoy these “things” and put them to use.


I am thankful for critters of all kinds.  Just the fact that they will stop and pose for me.  My life has been full of experiences few people get to enjoy.   I’ve been charged by a grizzly, chased by a Big Horn Sheep, dove at by a Golden Eagle, bit by all kinds of insects, almost caught by a Badger, kissed by a Camel and cornered by a Moose.   For 30+ years my life has been full of color, action and opportunities to enjoy God’s creations.


I am thankful for Christians.  All faiths.  The true believers.  The faithful and the humble.  The people that bring credibility to the constitution.  Ones that level the playing field.  Those that believe in true PEACE.


Most importantly I am grateful for my family and friends.  People like Ms. A. May.  That greets me everyday with a huge smile and lifts my spirits.  Friends that I know I can stand with for the right.   Heroes like OF, Wendell, Randy O., Don L., Bishop Clark, and others that have cemented my character.    Those that know my “ism’s” but still put up with me like P Nall, Kelly I, Paul H., Thomas N., April C., Steve H., Dan M. Brad M., Dan P., and many others.

My family is my breath of life.  My wife that has corrected me for 36 years and still loves me.  My children that know how much I love their Mother.  AND I LOVE THEM!   My children have been so blessed by her.  She will always make time for them.  And then there is my Grandest Kids.  Holy Cow!  I never new how much love a child could steal from me.  I have the next photograph on my 30″ screen at my desk.  It reminds me to be more like a child.  That I truly have something to live for.  Growing up, dating, missions, marriage, manhood and life lessons.  I wonder if there is a little angel waiting to come down and wear pink?  Steal my heart with her little smile?   I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love, beauty and life.  I thank God for all my blessings.

The photograph below was taken by Dan Paschal.  He is a master of flash fill photography.  I will never have his talent for capturing mixed light.

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Nov 192012

This last weekend I had a real treat.  A long time friend stopped by.  It was a blast to get caught up.  Talked about grandkids, family, work, politics, travel, etc.  It reminded me how precious friendships are.  How long good ones can last.  Of course we hit on photography.  Eventually it’s the topic I go to.  He’s the smartest guy I know so of course he talked about the math of digital photography.  In the back of my mind I am just thinking about how good he must be.

One of the more simple exposures is a reflections.  But it is also one of the hardest to compose.  My friend was very complimentary of my work.  But I reminded him it’s a numbers game.  If you take enough photographs eventually a good one will come out.  The important thing is that you understand the mechanics (operation) of the camera.  Then apply some composition rules.  And eventually have your look and finish.  With reflections especially of water it is always important to have depth in the photograph.  A way to get to the back.  If you will.

Here is a color and black and white example of reflections.  This shot was taken from Antelope Island looking north.

Photograph is taken with a D800, 28-300 lens and a Nikon circular polarizer. Second photo is the same ran through Silver Efex Pro2 in post.


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Nov 102012

What is my favorite time of year?

I love Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Though I don’t like high temps.

I love the cooler/cold temps.  But get bored with Winter.

There is something wrong with me!

Yesterday and today we have had our first real snow storm for the season.  White everywhere. But this early in the season there is some lingering color……






All shots made with D4 and Nikon 24 PC-E lens.

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Nov 062012

An extension of my post “I’m Depressed” that I just posted a few minutes ago.

My official title is Director of Construction for Maverik, Inc.  In my opinion my team (the construction team) is the very best team at Maverik.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone at Maverik that I associate with are good people.   I just have surrounded myself with a few people better than myself.  This day is in the top 3 most stressful days of my life.  There is a personal connection with my feelings about the current white house leadership and the spirit of governance in general.  The city of Spokane Valley threw curves at me today that were literally shocking.  I speak from experience.  I have served over 16 years in the public sector in roles like Mayor, Planning and Zoning Commissioner chairman and member, and state boards, etc.  It seems throughout the Maverik footprint in several sates governing agencies are burying businesses with red tape, bureaucracy, and a sense of anti business decisions.  At times it wears me down.  Concession is my new order of business to get anything accomplished with agencies.  And today all heck broke loose.  It was shock and awe.  Didn’t think I would ever see a city impose like they did today.  As negative as I sound, believe me I feel…..

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Nov 062012

It’s been a very long day.

Toughest store opening thus far in 14 years.  Stress to the max.

And now as I watch TV and see that our current President is re-elected my day has ended at an all time low.  I have no religious or moral argument as to my feelings as to why he should not be President.  I have done my own homework.  I think I know the facts as to the condition of the country.  I have self determined a failing grade for this President.  My honest opinion is that the country is in big trouble.  I hope that people like myself will look ahead and do everything to make the best of what we will face as a result of this election.  And that people who feel like I do will keep calm and support the office of the president.   Support the Constitution and work hard to keep our values as they are!

Late tonight I was at the Spokane Falls with hopeful thoughts as to the outcome of the election.  A cool night.  A beautiful view.  I was by myself.  It definitely was a few minutes of peace.  May go back…..

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Nov 032012

One of the few bodies of water at Farmington that are away from hunters will at times be a resting and feeding place for birds.  Though I literally have thousands of photographs of the Blue Heron I still enjoy a new capture!  Tonight this Heron was fishing.  I watched with anticipation of capturing another fish-in-mouth photograph.  There was no other birds on this piece of water.  He was alone.  Then I realized that I don’t really have a photograph with graphic color reflections and a Heron in his beautiful environment.  Most all my pics of Herons are of them hunting or eating.  Usually a close crop of the bird.   Through the finder the subject became the Heron and his environment not just the bird.

Time to capture.


Two sides of this body of water are adjacent to an access road.  The sun was low in the sky in the photograph above and below.  Both shots were taken within 5 minutes of each other.  The difference is the angle of the sun in the photograph and where I was photographing in relation to the sun and the bird..  Quite a stark difference from the photograph above.  The light plays games with the exposure, white balance and the reflections are compounded by the direction of the sun.  What would make the photograph below exceptional would be if I could have been at water level.  Though the water really defines the “place” of the bird.  It is somewhat distracting.  Especially since the wind was blowing a little.

Another view of the same subject is always in order.

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Nov 032012

Tried a little Artsy Fartsy tonight.

Near the Farmington refuge is a farm that raises and sells pumpkins every year.  I think to help hide the field prior to the big sale the farmer plants multiple rows of large sunflowers.  It seems wierd but why else would he plant the sunflowers?  They are not harvested.  The dead sunflowers with the pumpkins in the field made for some interesting color and contrast.



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