Jun 122012

Do 6 year old boys really enjoy Baseball?

Depending wholly on the enthusiasm of Mom and Dad little boys are signed up for spring little league baseball.  Little mitts, cleats, and uniforms are bought.  Schedules of games are sent out to parents that in turn end up in grammy and pappas email boxes.  In most yards a baseball is tossed back and forth, to some little tikes more than other little ones.    They have to learn the American pastime as early as possible right?  According to Mom and Dad it is so.  Luckily for these parents superstars get their start.  And for others it’s a great time to get recognition from their son in the field just as a ball is hit right past him….

Actually the photo above is my grandson.  And boy is he grand!!!  Since his birth he has brought laughter and interest to Grammy and I.  He loves puzzles.  He loves to sing.  Like his two brothers he takes life seriously.  His enthusiasm at times puts his brain ahead of his mouth. It’s a real kick.  Especially when he throws in the pallet tongue slapping “L”‘s with his stuttered attempt to get full sentences out before being interrupted.  I can be anywhere and at anytime and think of him and a smile breaks out!  He’s probably not going to be a baseball superstar.   Just like all our grandsons to me and grammy he is the greatest superstar.  Even when running to first base with an oversized batters helmet……


Amazingly to me at this young tender age there is some real talent for Baseball.  Without a doubt dad or mom spends extra time with these little athletes.  The genetic athletic skills carried to them being drawn like juice from an orange.  One little baseball prodigy hit two home runs in this game.  I’m not talking about the Keystone Cops chasing a base hit while he ran the bases.  This little guy with his hitting gloves in force hit out to the outfield.  Airborne the whole distance.  A real home run.  Impressive especially for  an individual just learning math and reading and doing his first science projects.

I placed myself just beyond the first baseline looking back to home plate to photograph the expressions and body shapes as each player made the dash to first base.   I love these photo’s and the enthusiasm reflected by each boy in them!






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Jun 102012

What does a 19 hour old baby see?

What does he feel, or smell?

He is helpless.  Without doctors, nurses, extended family, grammy, pappa, and most importantly his Mom and Dad he would not survive.  Is his tiny little brain as clean and pure as we might expect?  Does he have a “few” remnants of a pre-earth life in there?    When those teeny weenie eyes peer open for just a second I am sure its all blurry and very bright.  CBB is not 24 hours old yet.  When I saw him again tonight, swelling down, just a tiny bit more comfortable out of the womb he had just been fed from Mom’s best gift to him.  God’s secret potion for newborns..Colostrum. He can only get it from his MOM.  It’s the start of “that” bond between mother and child.  So I held little CBB.  We had a talk.  Yes we did.  He opened his eyes to express his trust to me that he was listening.  Though his mother is holding him in this photograph he is still trained on me ……

There is no way to describe what I feel when I witness my daughter hold, sniffing and kissing her first Son!  She has waited literally all her life to create and nurture this miracle.  The world stopped for a few seconds tonight.  I had no worries for my grandson, his mom or his dad.  Because right then they were engulfed in one of Gods greatest gifts and miracles to us.  And wow you can see it in his moms and dads eyes and little CBB’s demeanor.  He knows what his mother smells like now.  She is his sole source of nutrition and motherly love.  There is no greater love on earth than that of a mother for their child.  My daughter without doubt will give 100% of every fiber of her being to her son’s welfare.  She has prepared her life for today, tomorrow and beyond.  She is ready!  And she is well prepared!


Then there is his Dad!  This one is special.  I have the best son-in-laws out there!  Ben loves my daughter, treats her like a queen.  He’s known for his integrity and high standards.  His virtues are near flawless.  He’s not perfect though.  None of us are.  At least his parents dig deep to come up with some stories about he stripped some leaves off a bush once or some horrible thing like that.  Dang juvenile!  Good thing his parents don’t know my past. They might avoid any public appearances with me.    This little angel is Ben’s first also.  This new little boy in their life reinforces that Ben and my daughter are a team for Eternity.  I’ve often wondered how Ben would be with a brand new son.  Well like most other things in his life …it’s natural.   I can however see a different gleam in his eye.  Last night he witnessed the miracle of birth.  It was pretty darn tough physically for my daughter.  A couple of scary moments.  I know that Ben’s faith gave him the stamina and courage to stand strong and support my daughter.   There is absolutely no comparison of what the dad experiences at birth to what the  mother experiences.  It is extremely emotionally draining to watch your wife suffer and endure through child birth.  Tonight though drained when his son was handed to Ben his whole countenance changed.  He is now a Father!  And he is ready…

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Jun 082012

Just about everywhere I go my Camera(s) is with me.  And a few lenses.  A few accessories. And misc need photographic gear.

Most mornings I stop at McDonalds and get my healthy Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal.  Did so this morning.  Enjoying every bite today.  Then right in front of me at eye level landed a huge Mosquito eater on the windshield.  Holy crap what a perspective to capture a photograph.  In seconds I had the D800 out with my 200 Macro attached and firing away.  Then I bumped the windshield wiper.  Got one good shot.  Lucky me!

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Jun 082012

Right now at this very minute I am sitting in a Maternity floor waiting room at the Hospital.

My middle child is having her first.  Not here yet.  But they say as soon as an hour and maybe a few hours.  This beautiful woman has wanted a real child as long as I remember.  Even as a teenager she was begging folks to babysit.  And asking me why she couldn’t have her own.  Waiting for the perfect man took some time.  She will be 30 in a few months.  And this little angel, her son is coming non too soon.  My eyes are wet as I write this blog with deep gratitude that she has fulfilled her dream thus far.  Nothing is ever easy for her.  Between endometriosis and other problems she is always tested.  But like my other daughter complaints are limited to extreme cases.  Like all three of my children I love her dearly.  I look forward to her snuggling her son.  Watching that bond between a Mother and a child that we men will never, ever relate to.

Ironically when I received the call tonight from her husband that she was ready (finally) to actually start the birthing process, I was photographing a brand new born Pronghorn at Antelope Island. Watching the mother pronghorn clean the newborn and nurse it took my thoughts  to my daughter.  Then the call came…..speeding?  Me Speed?  No way!!!!




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Jun 072012

I day dream of shots that I will probably never get.  You know the ones you see in the Nature and top photography magazines!

Theere are photographs of Terns out there that are unbelievable.  In reality my goal is always to get that type of shot.  This particular photograph I really like.  The background is nice.  The background color and texture works for me.  The Tern?  Well it’s not perfect.  I will however file it under favorites…….

Nikon D4, ISO 400, 600mm lens, f/4 @ 1/3

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Jun 062012

I really, really miss my time with big game.

I hope to get up to Yellowstone, Glacier or somewhere soon where I can get out and find the big critters!!!!!

Tonight I practiced panning on Terns, panning on Harrier Hawks, angle of view with shore birds, etc., etc.

And then I followed around a particular Killdeer.  Man they are fun to watch.  They always move in hyper speed.  Walking and flying.  Tonight I realized I have never really captured a Killdeer eating.  Usually what they are ingesting is so small I haven’t noticed what it is.  Very small bugs, critters, etc. I would suspect.  I lucked out again when I noticed this guy tugging at the yellow/green moss.  He really was putting all his muscle into this snack.  Eventually up through the moss popped this….BUG?  Not sure what it is (was). I’m sure it was like the full buffet all in one package.  King sized!    It sure was fun to capture and record one of these cute birds dining!

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Jun 032012

Main street in Bountiful, Utah is taking on a bit of a new life.  New buildings, apartments, retail space, and a brand new bank.   Looks nice from the road.  Look close.  Especially at the drinking fountains……

Yikes!  Not sure I will drink out of these anytime too soon.

A couple of weeks ago a sidewalk chalk-art festival was held.   Seen it before.  Some real talent is put onto the sidewalks.  I found that if I go back at least a week later and maybe even one rainstorm later the chalk-art is surreal.  I walked it today and photographed many art pieces.  And as I expected it was beautiful.  I like it better in the worn state than fresh and new…

This one is my favorite.  It is right in front of the Post Office on Main Street.


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May 312012

Today I went under the “knife”.  Hopefully very soon I can breath through my nose like the old days.

Yesterday I went back in history at Virginia City, Nevada to when most medical procedures probably included some whiskey or other strong spirits.  Today at 6:30 am I entered a surgical center and was home at around 10:00 am after having my sinus’s torn to smithereens.  Believe me I feel as though I am having a blood transfusion through my nose.  Little pain and no PANIC or ANXIETY.  Glad I was born in these times of incredible medical advances.

The photo opportunities in Virginia City are endless.  I had an hour and a half yesterday to enjoy camera time in Virginia City;

What first caught my attention was “Iskey”  I am sure Iskey and his mule was a plant for the benefit of tourists. Iskey is for real.  He talks, looks and smells the part.


The buildings have not changed much in over 100 years.  From the wood planked sidewalks to the window frames everything feels like an old west mining town.



At one end of Main Street sat a 1937 Graham Automobile.  It is in pretty darn great shape.  I was on my way back to Reno. Probably blew it and didn’t get a shot of the whole car.  There was a dumpster on one side and a trashed new truck on the other side .  So I tell myself a great shot of the whole car may not have been a good thing.  Loved the hood ornament and the grill!


All shots with Nikon D800, 28-300 f3.5-5.6 lens.

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May 302012

The last two days have have been spent on a plane, in a car or walking in airports…..

With travel comes landmarks in certain cities.

Here are two;

SLC – Airport Traffic Tower

Reno, Nevada – Church of the Flowers Tower.


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May 272012

Found this Ivy on a building in SLC.  Nothing special.  Loved the shapes, textures and colors.  Especially the detail.  I shot this with the D800.  Yowza!  I am amazed every time I get on the computer after shooting with this Camera.  It’s incredible.  Not a wildlife camera, a sports camera, but a great still life, portrait and scenery camera.  This shots are handheld.  As I am getting older and my body is falling apart I have to rely on tripods, window mounts etc.   That adds to the fact that it is so sharp even with shaky Sam here……

Both photographs shot at ISO 100, 1/125 @ f/5.6, -33 EV.  No post work done on photographs.

On a personal note I read blogs everyday of great photographers.  It seems that a lot of them “brag” or make note of all their handholding shots.  I know there are a plethora of times when a tripod is difficult or impossible.   But I will never forget what one of the greatest photographers that has ever lived said to me face to face – “nothing is better for a sharp image than a camera on a stable tripod” Ansel Adams.  Yes he was carrying around behemoths that required a tripod.  But this was much later.  He said this when he was shooting a lot with smaller formats that 8×10.  He had mentioned earlier that the question he is asked most was how his shots with the smaller format cameras were so sharp.  And he always replied about the use of a tripod.


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