Nov 192009

splash1This weeks assignments is our choice.  But it must be something that we want to learn more about.  I have been wanting to spend more time shooting stop action photo’s.  My preference would be hummingbirds or some wildlife subject.  But they have all flown south or underground.

Tonight in the hotel I set my two flashes and bought a some cherry tomatoes.  After about 400 attempts ( no trigger just hand fired) here a few of my first attempts.  Shot with my 105 f/2.8 macro lens.


The challenge was to get the tomato to fall in just the right place.  Had to do a little clean up………


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Nov 182009


I couldn’t resist this shot.  Not long ago I was in a pretty heavy discussion about metering and exposure.  A yellow rope on a black background.  A big test!  Spot metering?  Aperture priority?  Color balance?

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Nov 162009

Good MorningFor the last several weeks I have really missed my fall excursions in Yellowstone.  One reason is the early mornings.  There literally is an endless number of opportunities to photograph in the early AM!  Boy do I miss it.  Maybe, just maybe I can get back up to that area ( my second home) in the next few weeks…….:-)

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Nov 162009

Great article to read. A discussion that plays out everyday with photographers:

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Photoshop and Nature Photography: How Far is Too Far?
Text and photography copyright © Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou. All rights reserved.

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Nov 142009


Downtown Phoenix on Friday.  D3, 24-70 f/2.8, 200 ISO

Cool Bike – Cool Rider

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Nov 132009

outofboundsArizona is always full of surprises this was no exception!   Caught my eye as I was driving back to Phoenix today.  There may be skid marks for proof and evidence of my stopping to photograph.

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Nov 122009


Have you seen these guys run?  Like in the cartoons their legs disappear because they are moving so fast.  A cute little bird.  Seems to like to run rather than fly.  The quail can be found in several areas here in Chino Valley/Prescott Arizona.  Finally had a chance to photograph them tonight.  Very, very photo shy.  This was a first for me.  Planning to photograph them is extremely difficult.   Today I was lucky.  Got a few shots.  Thank you Mr. Quail!

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Nov 062009

Farmingtontrail Nancy is the Risk “Manager” at Maverik.  Probably the hardest job at Maverik.  At least in the top 10 most stressful.  She’s never complained.  It’s just obvious that what she does is not for the faint of heart.  We all love her and respect her.

Today she told me of a quiet place to get away for a few minutes.  Close and beautiful.  A nice walk for the body and soul.

Farmington2Boy was she right.  A flat grade to walk.  Easy.  Quiet and Beautiful.  I will surely go back soon.  A little quiet time is always good for the soul

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Nov 042009

barelyroomtostandHow crowded can 1 acre get?  Take a look. The scale is a little skewed.  At the site – approx 5,ooo tons of dirt, base and pea gravel, two dump trucks, an excavator, a gigantic tank excavation, a 580 case backhoe,  a case back scraper, a roller compactor, two lifts, a water truck, two connex, a gravel/concrete spreader, a toyota RAV (my rental, barely room for it), a trench box,  a bunch of electrical “stuff”, a welder, two pick up trucks, a significant supply of steel studs (no not you Brady), 4 well points, piles of rolled up fencing, rolls of double wall petroleum piping, dispenser sumps, dispenser manholes, a 4700′ building with the footings, foundation and floor in place, and last but not least the home a lizard!

Tyler – “Gettur Done”

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