Nov 042009

HowdyMeet Howdy.  Standing at the Fallon site a pretty run down man came walking toward me.  Maybe 6′ tall.  Couldn’t weigh over 115lbs – wet.  And speaking of wet probably hasn’t seen a shower head for a few days.  Turns out he is the crane operator.  When I asked him if he had ever tipped a crane over, through his partial toothed smile he proclaimed “never”!

An interesting fellow and a pretty confident crane operator.  Just like howdy though the crane was a bit too small.

Then there was this “hobo” from california.  Today was tank day.  The contractor set four-twelve thousand gallon tanks.   The tanks are manufactured in California.  They were loaded and shipped here yesterday.  As a representative of Maverik I inspect the tanks.   On the bottom of the tanks near the ribs were some really cute little spiders.  Thanks to FSRS (Fallon Site Research Specialist) C. Taylor it was discovered that these California hitch hikers were just Daddy Long Legs.Daddylonglegs

A very interesting little Bug(ger).  Before long these guys were about 8′ feet under in nice cool pea gravel.  A nice resting place.

fallonlizzy By the end of the day I was the guy with the camera….not the owners rep.   C. Taylor (F.S.R.S.)  and T Dykman (the local racer and olympic athlete) found this little reptile.  Another little personality.  Another day of anxiety due to breakdowns, damaged tank and herding cats-I mean contractors.   Great company and good friends made it all a little bearable.

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Nov 032009

sandmountainToday I stood in the bottom of a 42’x42’x13″ deep excavation.  A big hole.  A safe hole to be in.  In this world of litigious personalities all around us the extremes rule.   A very simple task can become a extremely expensive proposition when OSHA, and it’s partner’s pour regulations out.   Safety is and always has been important to any responsible individual.  Common sense has been smashed, broken up and discharged at the nearest refuge.  The new Fallon, Nevada construction site has set new “stupid” and time wasteful standards.  In the end the fuel tanks will be installed, buried and hold 48 thousand gallons of fuel.   The contractor has either a very limited history of this type of construction or just scared beyond reason.

As I stood at the bottom of the tank excavation I realized there was some interesting opportunities for photography being missed.  So I took the challenge…….


DeadmanLooking up…


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Nov 032009


Visited a Catholic Cathedral in Virginia City Nevada (to photograph). The Saint Marys in the Mountains Cathedral recently had an extensive renovation. Originally built in the late 1800’s it has a very intriguing history. Once gutted by fire and another time pilfered by monks. Today it’s a beautiful building reflecting the beliefs and diligence of a small congregation of the Catholic Faith.


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Oct 312009


They all have a different look.  Here is a set in from Fallon, Nevada.  A very old abandoned home.  In this first shot I pushed the saturation and Vibrance.  Getting the blue hues in the shadows and the deep red on the window screens.


The Black and White is a simple conversion in Silver Efex Pro.


And this one is the same as the Black and White but did a gradation on the first layer (background).   Erased through the third layer (Silver Efex Pro) to the second layer (original saturated color layer).  I also put a shadow on the title.

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Oct 302009

BuckfamilyDeer often find solace, security and dinner in local alfalfa fields.  If you had guns pointing at you once a year your place of rest would probably where guns aren’t allowed.  This family definitely wanted to keep me at a great distance.  The fall colors and very late lighting offered some punch to the photograph.

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Oct 262009


Sorry I couldn’t resist the artsy look on this one.   Shot so many cactus that I had to push the limit.

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Oct 252009


What a beautiful Sunday!  Temps are just right.  Colors are even better. Took this shot just after church in east Bntfl. just off Bntfl. Blvd.

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Oct 232009

azwaspLast night when I was on a walk with Tara I photographed this beautifully colored wasp.   This trip I did not carry all my gear that I usually carry, i.e macro flash, etc.  Now I somewhat regret it.  The lighting was really flat.  I could have created more contrast with the background if I had my flash.  Oh well.  Still have a record of a unique insect.    Shot with Nikon D3 and through the 105 f/2.8 macro lens.  I don’t have the rest of the metadata with me but I do know that the ISO was 3200.  Truly amazing technology these days…thanks NIKON!

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Oct 222009

LibraryA new weekly assignment…


As soon as I read the assignment I was thrilled and excited to try something a little different.  In Prescott Valley they are building a new library.  The construction is very modern in architecture.  And fits the bill for this weeks assignment.

I spend about 60 days a year in hotels.  There is obvious rhythm in the halls of the hotels.  There is also rhythm in my regular apperance in the halls of the hotels.  Both photographs taken with the D3. The library is shot through the 105 f/2.8 vr macro, 1/320 second @ f2.8, ISO 200,  -.67EV.  Location – 34,35.6838 N,  112,20.1213W.    Hotel Hall – shot through the 14-24 f/2.8, 3 second exposure @ f/22, ISO 200, -.67 EV.  Both photographs processed through Silver Efex Pro in post.

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