Sep 292009

septembercolors On the road to Naples, Utah.  A beautiful drive here but during mid-day sun.  Sometimes even with my efforts to accommodate my photography passion the only option is middle of the day travel.  The photo above was created with the merging of 8 vertical shots.  A polarizing filter helped with the haze and contrast.  Tomorrow I may have a better chance to be in FALL COLOR areas in a more photographic “light”.  Maybe.  I hope.

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Sep 282009

structuraloil These cans of oil were an integral part of a homes structure in Fallon, Nevada.  Why oil cans?  Who knows?  If you look close at the bottom right can it has some of the concrete that was around and in the cans.  Crazy but interesting.  Note the detail and moderately accurate exposure to the very back of the photo.  Yes it was processed as an HDRI (I for image). The room the cans are in is very dark.  Yet the exposure front to back looks good.  I just had to give it that old sepia photo look.  Kinda fits!

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Sep 272009

Oldgasfallon What happens to all the old dispensers in the world?  All I know is that I  found a bunch of them.  I am in the convenience store business.  My responsibility is the oversight of new construction.  I see new, new, new.  My appreciation for the “old” used to be very limited.  This adventure I had with Dwight with his collection is astounding.  Though extremely little of what I saw and experienced was a refurbishment of the old, I now appreciate the history of my business much more.  This shot was made, again, with 9 bracketed exposures.  Ran through Photomatix to get this HDR image.  My temptation to post a black and white of this shot stopped when I was turning down the saturation to get the final image.  The colors play an important role in this shot.  Including the ability to capture the sky through the windows.  Not done without the HDR process.

OldgasfallonblackandwhiteGot kinda weak in the knees.  If you know anything about me is that I love black and white photos.  There is a stark difference in these photos.  What may it be????????

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Sep 262009

mytonkas These Tonka Toys are the same that OF, Kelly and I played with when we were little boys.  No wait Just Of and I.  Kelly played with Barbies (LOL). I remember the tracks the tires made in the sand.  The two handles on the loader.  One to lift the bucket. The other to dump the bucket.  All metal toys.  Rubber tires.  These are real toys not just the cheap Chinese made plastic things that break after a few passes in the sand box.  It’s what made us real men.  Heavy lifting at an early age.  Long lasting tools for the sand box hero!  The memories.  Oh the memories.

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Sep 262009

hideoutThis is a cool shed inside the old dealership in Fallon.  Notice the real old high rise manifolds on the floor to the left.  The old car (or truck) body to the right.  Oil cans ready for use….and on and on.  I’m not sure how the “big foot” got in the picture it wasn’t there when I shot it.  Yes this is a HDR shot.  Even as wide as I could shoot the exposures it still has the hot spot and crazy sun flare.  All the little circles are due to the sun flare and the very small aperture.  9 shots bracketed at 1 full stop separation.  The center metering was -1.7 EV  (and still had the super-bright sun flare).

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Sep 252009

dwightsworkshop1I am telling you that I could spend days in this place.  An old Chevrolet Dealership built in the 30’s.  The gentleman that owns the building is collecting everything.  This trip I photographed areas and multiple subjects.  This particular shot just reeked Black and White.  An incredible place.  Keep in touch.  Lots more to come!  I am fitting in the blogs between work sessions.  This blog  is being published as I am sitting at Gate 8 in Reno Nevada looking forward to an evening with my beautiful bride and family!

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Sep 252009

oldandwornoutselfportraitNow the FAT jokes are going to start.  Being the TEAM player that I am my conscience forced me to submit a Self Portrait.  What better than to have an old worn out man photographed amongst a bunch of old worn out fuel dispensers.  Inside this huge old car dealership is a monstrous collection of dispensers and everything else under the sun.  Including a 30’s toilet.  This exposure required the max that HDR can provide.  A full nine stops from “hot to cold” or “black to white” .   The starting exposure as 1.7 under.  How did I shoot a nine exposure HDR and still be in the photo.  Only the photo gods and Dwight will know for sure.  By the way, thanks to Dwight and Teresa for the great adventure and discussion.  Wonderful people doing a wonderful “work”.  Stay tuned the contents of Dwights shop is incredible.  Like I said yesterday – A photographers fun house!

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Sep 242009

frameddispbehindwindows Did a little window shopping last night.  After a few hours of looking in windows and nocking on doors I found the owner of the building.  Tonight I will be inside!   What till you see this stuff.  It looks awesome!!!!

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Sep 232009
Welcome to my NEW site!

It's been almost a week. After an hour on the phone with the master and I mean "Master" my understanding of how to add images was greatly increased. No Promises. I am an old man you know. THANKS JASON!!! Tomorrow the journey continues.

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