Aug 042013

Shot last week while photographing Pelicans.  Shot with the D4, 80-400 VR lens.  Ran through Color Efex Pro 4  Bleach bypass filter.  Then I erased dragonfly to base layer.

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Oct 212012

Cool weather = slow moving insects.

I had fun again today at Bear Lake with a little wasp.  The poor guy was freezing.  Kinda like on drugs.  Could not fly away but alert enough to give me the big “stinger”.  I turned him over and photographed his belly.  Teased him enough that he was pretty ticked at me.  Made for some real fun photography.  And a Wasp with some real issues when I left.

All shots with D4, 105mm Macro lens, at 3200 ISO.  Some shots are at f5 and others are at f29.  You’ll see the difference….






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Sep 232012

The bees are busy on one of our flowering bushes.

The number of bees is dwindling.   There used to be lots more.  Today I watched as they little workers carried pollen to and from our bush.  A couple of them was so loaded down it appeared they were having a hard time flying.  What do I know.  This…that I needed a photographic record of theses crazy litter bugs.

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Jun 082012

Just about everywhere I go my Camera(s) is with me.  And a few lenses.  A few accessories. And misc need photographic gear.

Most mornings I stop at McDonalds and get my healthy Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal.  Did so this morning.  Enjoying every bite today.  Then right in front of me at eye level landed a huge Mosquito eater on the windshield.  Holy crap what a perspective to capture a photograph.  In seconds I had the D800 out with my 200 Macro attached and firing away.  Then I bumped the windshield wiper.  Got one good shot.  Lucky me!

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Aug 182011

Always looking for bugs.  This one was shy.  I shot this with my 70-200 with extension tubes handheld.  I found in this situation it was easier to shoot in manual.  As you can see I almost had to in order to keep the bug in focus and have the plant out of focus.

Peeka bug

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Jul 272011

I work very hard to not mention sightings of spiders.

At our Bear Lake house the chance of an eight legged creature visiting is a little greater than at home.  Been real lucky. Haven’t seen one for some time.  This last week my daughter ran into the house screaming.  It meant only one thing for me….grab the macro lens and get outside.  Sure enough, right above the door was this beauty………


Put my 200 macro lens with all three extension tubes to work.  Shot at f/32.  My daughter held a mirror and reflected sunlight directly on the spider.  Freaked him out a little but got the shot!

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Jun 022011


Met some wonderful people at DLWS.  One couple are Kanuck’s.  I think.  Canadians for sure.  Cool people.  Nik is shy.  Pretty humble about her pic’s.  Pretty good photographer I would say.  And with her is her supportive hubby.  One night he was right in the middle of a technical flash set up.  I am sure glad to have a few moments with these wonderful people.

We walked in the vineyards near Santa Rosa.  A big bush blooming in bright red flowers was covered with bees.  I was not prepared.  She was.  Handed me her 105 macro and took some pic’s of the bees.

NIK these are for you.  Thanks for letting me use your lens.  Hope all is well!



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Sep 032010


For quit a while now I have been “focused” on little things!  Bugs, wasps, birds, couples, etc.  In two weeks I will be home in the outdoors.  YELLOWSTONE for a week !!!

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