Mar 292012

I received my new Nikon D800 on Tuesday.  Could not use it until tonight.  I am  in Las Vegas and running all over the place. As my meetings dragged on all that was really on my mind was getting a capture with the D800, getting back to the hotel and seeing 36 megapixels at work.  Turns out I had a very short window to run up to Red Rock Canyon.  Took a few shots. Was favored with a short burst of sun for about 6 minutes or so.  Holy resolution.  The detail is incredible.  I really look forward to spending some time with both cameras.  And pushing the limits of both!   Here is the capture I got tonight. Shot with the D800, 24-70 f/2.8 lens, ISO 100.


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Feb 042012

Had a real blast today at Antelope Island.

Found a small horned bird I have never seen before.  Probably real common.  Just never had one in my view finder.  Tons of fun stuff.  Birds, buffalo, etc. all made for a fun morning.  Then it was time to pack.  So I just finished packing.  I have to get up real early to catch my flight.  This photograph was an accident.  At times I will shoot through brush with my long lenses.  For the most part the auto focus stays on the subject. But once and a while it catches something a little closer.  Just had to post it…..

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Apr 152011

Back home tonight.

Drove from the Monticello, Utah area through Moab.  Not enough time to visit Arches.  BUt stopped and took rock shots!

Moab rock2

It was the middle of the day.  Light was not the best.  Everything looked black and white to me.  I did notice little critter prints everywhere.  Here it has been extremely windy and rainy.  The sand was fresh with prints….

I wonder if the critters where out the night before?  Or was it early this morning?  I imagined the tiny things running around……

crossing paths

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Nov 282010

Barn near Soda SpringsIt is definitely WINTER!

Snowing all day today.  Did not even get out this morning for the early bird shots.  Oh well.  Dug deep into my memory for that one spring shot that still to this day brings back the true smells, temps, and aura of spring.

Near Soda Springs Idaho.

This is an 8 image compiled HDR image using the new NIK software HDR Efex pro.   Holy cow is it incredible.  Little or no ghosting.  Almost negative hot spots.  and an awesome color balance.  ( I drop the awesome word now and then to stay hip) Are we just down right blessed, lucky, fortunate or just in the right place to live with all the cool digital advances?  Imagine just 10 years ago doing what we are with digital photography.  The photo above of the barn really exemplifies how simple we have it in the digital dark room.  I would almost argue that maybe the talent factor is not as needed nowadays.  I mean – look at my stuff.  I was born with two right hands, little or no talent, and now have one bad eye.  Thanks digital world inventors and visionaries.

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Jul 012010

A very long drive today.  SLC , Utah area to Buffalo, Wyoming.  At least 9 hours in front of the wheel.  I was lucky today for two reasons.  My wife is with me on this trip.  And I found this cool barn…..


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Jun 112010
Washington State has been my stay this week.  Looking for contractors, feeling out utility companies and getting into the heads of City Staff.  Eastern Washington is beautiful. I am amazed at the amount of vineyards and orchards.  Perfect lines and incredible cleanliness in the fields.  Lots to photograph.  The time I have had to photograph has been limited.  Most of the shots here are “cartogaphry”  (Shooting from the car or near the car).
Tons of acreage.  Few buildings
Lines and lines of growth
This shot was taken from the shoulder of the highway.  A highway patrolman stopped and asked if I was OK.  We spent some time talking about the Gulf crisis and the countries energy needs.  He had an interesting perspective.
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May 192010


This is Mesa Arch.   A pretty small arch by “arch” standards.  At 5:00 am in the morning it can be the most populated spot in the valley.  The morning sun reflecting off the red rock up to the arch is an iconic photograph.  It was the case when we were there last week.  60+ people crowded around the small area just in front of the arch.  Being the one of only two natives of Utah I was surprised to learn that there was more than just the arch.  Off to the east is a rock formation that I guess is called “Washing Lady”  Look close and see if you can see her in the photo below….


OK look close…………


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