May 142011

Arrived late in California last night.  The hotel was junk.  But man am I having fun!  Point Reyes National Seashore was my destination today.  I really looked forward to seeing the ocean and hopefully some critters (as Moose Peterson calls them).  I am here for DLWS.  A photography workshop hosted by Moose Peterson and Joe McNalley.  Two of the greatest photographers in America.  I am truly blessed to be able to be here.  I came a day early to shoot the coast.  Especially Point Reyes.  And the Tule Elk herd.  Yep.  A chance to shoot Elk with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. What is the chance?………

Elk with ocean

The DLWS workshop is about an hour inland.  Driving across a state where I have not been before is like a kid in a candy store.  Saw (photographed) tons of things.  But honestly this one lone tree was by far the most striking.  Waited about an hour and a half for the sun and shade to be just right.

CA tree

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Apr 292011


Pet cemetery 1

Real serious stuff!

Pet cemetery 2

Cats, dogs, elephants, and tigers….yep there all here.

Pet cemetery 3

Over one hundred humans cremated/buried with their beloved animals.

Pet cemetery 5

I was amazed  at the amount of effort and cost people have put forward for their pets.  Never seen anything like this before.

Pet cemetery 7

Even K-9’s are buried here. Not sure if I will see this type of cemetery again. Just my humble opinion….seems a little extreme.

Pet cemetery 9

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Apr 292011

This country is a little tattered right now.  I believe it is the greatest country in the world.  The American FLAG.  A symbol of our greatness, freedom, history and resources.  We respect our flag.  Or least we are supposed to.  Have we forgotten?  Has our effort just to survive in this crazy world made us forget how to respect the symbol of our freedoms?  Today I saw this in Las Vegas…….

Terribles flag1

A worn, torn tattered flag.  Respect?  I think not.  Has Terribles Stores in Las Vegas forgotten what the flag stands for?

Terribles flag2

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Apr 272011

In Las Vegas tonight.

Brought my new Apple MacBook Pro.  And my camera.  Oh.  I am working.

Since my last visit here they finished the bridge in front of the Hoover Dam.  Just before sundown I sped over to the Dam and had some fun.  Processed all the shots in Photomatix Pro.  Lightning fast computer, incredible software and Dam good subject.

Hoover Dam-133_4_5_6_7_tonemapped

Hoover Dam-162_3_4_5_6_7_tonemapped

Had to get the artsy farsty shot tonight.

Hoover Dam-171_2_3_4_5_6_fused

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Apr 152011

Back home tonight.

Drove from the Monticello, Utah area through Moab.  Not enough time to visit Arches.  BUt stopped and took rock shots!

Moab rock2

It was the middle of the day.  Light was not the best.  Everything looked black and white to me.  I did notice little critter prints everywhere.  Here it has been extremely windy and rainy.  The sand was fresh with prints….

I wonder if the critters where out the night before?  Or was it early this morning?  I imagined the tiny things running around……

crossing paths

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Apr 142011

I passed this building several times while in florida.  Every time I passed it I thought that it needed to be photographed.  But in daylight it just did not work……so night it was.  A little HDR to cover the dynamic range…….


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Apr 112011

If it wasn’t for the comedy I may spend less time in front of birds.

They really are funny.

This day this Blue Heron was excited about something.  Or an unknown lurking monster was chasing the Blue winged scaredY bird.

I was laughing so hard I could hardly keep my finger on the trigger………

Dancing Blue Heron

Dancing Blue Heron-2

Dancing Blue Heron-3

Dancing Blue Heron-4

Dancing Blue Heron-5

Dancing Blue Heron-6

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Apr 032011

Saturday was EPCOT day.

********12 hours********

Just as you enter EPCOT is the famous “Ball”.  Inside it – our first adventure.  The people who run EPCOT know how to get a lot of people in a line in a small area.  Back and forth, around a corner then back and forth again.  The whole time I was wandering what the ride was going to be like.  Did it go inside the big “ball”?   Just what was ahead?  A little twinge.  After walking around in circles for while we where at the end of the line.  Ready to board the ride.  Then I noticed the sign…. “suggested height for this ride”- with a line and arrow pointing at it.  Passed!  Then…“if you do not like small dark spaces it is suggested you do not ride!” Well.  Do you how embarrassing it is to go all the out the “in” line?  I guess that it was better than a “Jim Volcano” inside the big “Ball”.

It was a pretty nice day over all.  Disney everywhere….


We walked and walked and walked.  A big giant circle of representations from different countries. Beautiful!

British streets…….

british street



Canada Totem Pole…..(I always thought that was an Alaskan thing)

totem pole

You know some people just can’t resist the temptation to be a comedian.  She cracks herself up!

karen picking nose

There is no way I am carrying a camera all day without some wildlife photos!

seagul on light

Forgot my sunglasses this day.  Paid for it.  About half way through the day heat stroke/sunstroke kicked my butt.  Took a nap in the French (air conditioned) theater during an 18 minute movie. I guess I will just have to go to France to see what I missed.  Didn’t miss Norway. They had a cool exhibit with vikings.


China was probably my favorite.  My daughters have been there and seen the warriors in real life.  This exhibit was a great representation of what to look forward to if traveling to China.


Definitely had to get into the butterfly display!



I would do it again.  But make a few changes:

* Drink more water and remember sunglasses,

* Make reservations in advance if wanting to spend the bucks for dinner where you want.

* Sneak in food. Lunch for three – $79.00, Dinner for three -$117.00.  YIKES!!

* Plan on at least three days.  Slow down and sit more.

* Plan around different venues.  See more on a better schedule.

* Last and most important get an early front row seat to the light show at closing!!

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Apr 012011

It is finally sunny in Florida!!!   Yesterday we watched the weather channel and the tornado warnings all around.  Today was Discovery Cove day.  A cool place.  My Nikon gear was left in the hotel….so I carried my SHHHHH……CANON…….to the park.  It’s a point and shoot. about 5K less to drop in the water accidentally.  It’s a Canon anyway……so no critics of the pics.  My hands were a little tied!

dallan and karen discovery

For an extra fee you can touch and swim with Dolphins.  My son had the opportunity.  It’s been a while since I have seen him so happy.  Thrilled me!  I love that boy (man).

dallan hold

The Dolphin was named “jenny”.  A female dolphin.  Typical of my son he had to get a kiss from this date!!!

dallan kissing dolphin

We then made our way to the big swim ponds.  Snorkeling with beautiful fish and sea rays.

I am man enough to pass along one of my best self portraits….shot from a Go PRO. Hey!  Like my brother always says ” we don’t make fun of you!”

me goggles

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Mar 292011

I am in Florida for Photoshop World!

I did bring a couple of hundred pounds of photo gear.  Do you really think I would fly all the way to Florida and not take photograph’s?  Darn rights!!!  I snuck out this morning before the 4 hour “HDR – Class”.

Lot’s of nest building…….

giant egret stick in mouth fly

And even more little brats…..

egret chicks close

What made my whole day was when I looked back and my wife had picked up one of my cameras and was shooting!!!!  Maybe miracles do happen.  These are just teasers.  What an incredible day.  My wife even had a couple of great shots…..more TK….JC

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