Feb 182011


9  Days in Guatemala.

Antigua, Chichicostenanga, Tikal, Lake Atitlan.  All locations we travel to and through.  My days…..7 of them spent in the hotel.  Must have ate something.  I won’t go into any detail of my “illness’.  Most of my photography was done in and around the hotels or from bus.  Not what I hoped for.  All in all it is a beautiful place.

Every hotel we stayed at had McCaws with clipped wings to keep them on the grounds.  Easy shooting of an animated bird.


This guy was an absolute riot!  What a character.  Enjoyed a few minutes with him.  He really wanted my camera lens hood.


I was a little trapped with the fact I was shooting a lot of street scenes.  This man above may or may not be homeless.  He was seated outside the wall of a church.  Maybe just a great place to picnic?


We were told by the guides and others that we should ask to photograph the locals.  They have a deep seated religious belief that being photographed has negative consequences.  So I asked.  Pointed my finger at my camera then at the person.  Then had a look on my face like…”may I?”  This lady was selling flowers on the steps of a big cathedral.  I though she was ok with me taking the photograph.  By her look though I am not sure she really wanted me to do it.


There was all modes of transportation.  Families on motorcycles…..


Even crammed into a “tuk- tuk”.   Most were walking.


The company provided a luncheon where dancers performed.  I was not eating much…so I photographed the dancers.

For the next few days I plan on sharing my unique trip in Guatamala.  I hope you enjoy.

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Jan 162011

Sitting Duck

Have you ever wondered what a sitting duck feels like?

Just before that little round hole he is looking at spews out pellets to kill?

In about two weeks we are going to Guatemala.  Company trip.  You know.  The trip you are obligated to go on because it’s free?  I always thought company trips were supposed to make you jump out of your seat and cheer with excitement.  Kind of a motivational trip for hard working employees like me.  Wives have to go.  It’s the policy.   “Honey we are going on a trip to Guatemala!”  By my wife’s reaction I thought she thought I said I was going to cut out her fingernails one at a time!

Can’t carry anything valuable.  Can’t go out alone.  Can’t go out at night. Don’t be seen with a computer or cell phone.  Don’t carry money.  Don’t take pictures of kids.  Don’t take pictures of people in nice cars.  Don’t drink the water. Don’t swim in the water.  Don’t buy food from vendors.  Only pay with new crisp dollar bills (haven’t figured that one out yet).  Lock up all your personal items.  Travel in groups.  Don’t travel on trails.  Always be on the lookout.

Kinda feels like standing in the naughty corner!

But we are going.

I am taking a camera….a good one.  Taking a couple of nice lenses.  Taking shorts, shirts, shoes, socks and photography stuff.    I plan on brining back a lot of photo’s. Thousands.

Who cares if I will be a sitting duck in Guatemala?  I am bringing back memories regardless.

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Dec 302010

Cheney Winter1

Have I mentioned that I love Cheney, Washinton?

It’s winter here.

Drove up from Sunnyside today.  Ran from the problems, stress and PEPSI freaks there.  The new store in Sunnyside is open today.  Not by any stretch the hardest to get open.  Just the most aggravating.  Working with the local Pepsi bottler was like teaching a cat to read.  No response and did whatever they wanted.  Someone was lucky a jim volcano did not erupt.  Too long a story to tell.  Buy Coke when in Sunnyside, Washington.

Traveled all week with camera gear in the front seat.  No time to shoot. (Chasing a Pepsi rainbow)  Until tonight.

Man was it beautiful here.

Just like the Holiday Inn Express here in Cheney.  It’s nice.  My new favorite.  The frosting on the cake…..the GM.  Ms. B. Smith!  When walking in tonight I think she recognized my anti-PEPSI mood and aggravation.  “Welcome home”  she said!  This place is amazing.  Through the doors is a distinctive smell.  A good smell.  The same smell everytime I think.  Perfect details right down to the TV that sits ON TOP of the chest.  Even anti-bacterial dispensers at the elevator.  Holy cow!

Ms. Smith is a peach and does a wonderful job with her staff here.  Hope to get back soon!

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Dec 182010


Today was a day to fly home on a Saturday.  Not too often.  Travel a lot.  Just not away on Saturday usually.  Cheney, Washington has been a neat little place to get away (and we are going to build there!).  Incredible photo op’s. From spectacular rolling farms to a Wildlife Refuge only 5 miles from the city.   Did I mention we are going to build there?  Cheney is the home of the University of Eastern Washington.  The Eagles.  Last night they played a semi-final game on the road to a national championship game.  They won.  Clear skies.  Twenty-five degrees at game time.  Fun place to be after a big win.  By the way Cheney has a population of about ten thousand.

First look out the window this morning window and it was a nice day.  Second look was when I checked out.  A blizzard.  Really!

luggage loader

The drive to the airport was crazy.  The walk from the rental car was insane…by the way don’t rent from thrifty in Spokane if you don’t like long walks in a blizzard.  Safe inside.  Plane was a half hour late.  No big deal.  We boarded our big and spacious 737.  The door shut.  “all electronics must be turned of”.  Then the Captain – ” we have been told by the tower the airport is being closed”  Time for a XANAX!!!!!!

snow flight

Eventually (an hour later) we took off and I made it home.   When you have claustrophobia as bad as I do there can be consequences when the doors shut and it is announced no one is leaving!    I am glad Xanax works fast………

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Dec 142010

Farm line up


Swings moods, decisions, and PHOTOGRAPHS!

The first thing I told my daughter was that I was not taking photos at her wedding!    Too much pressure and too many opportunities to sit front row at the critics club. So she hired a …..person?  I think she is claiming to be a photographer.  I will not mention names.  Mostly because I don’t know her name.  BUT to say the least it would have been easier if I took the photographs.

So why the line up of farm tractor?  No pressure no hype!  I love wildlife, scenics, nature and anything but portraits.  Would rather have ketchup on my cheesecake.    My daughter brought the photographs to me that the “person” had taken.  One in particular that caught my eye was a full body or what is called a bridal shot.  In the shot my other daughter had held up the vail and let it drop to give the impression the wind was blowing.  Now I am talking about the photographs that the “person” had reviewed, edited and returned to my daughter.  The photograph included my daughters leg and arm.  Yes the daughter NOT in the wedding dress.  Are you kidding me!!!!!  I can’t post the pics because my future son in law may see my daughter in her wedding dress.  ( I guess that is a No No).  Well…… you be the judge;

Before i worked on the photo………………


After I removed the STICKS!!!!!!!!!…….


No matter what my daughters beauty came through.    Here is a couple of pics DAD took…



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Nov 282010

Barn near Soda SpringsIt is definitely WINTER!

Snowing all day today.  Did not even get out this morning for the early bird shots.  Oh well.  Dug deep into my memory for that one spring shot that still to this day brings back the true smells, temps, and aura of spring.

Near Soda Springs Idaho.

This is an 8 image compiled HDR image using the new NIK software HDR Efex pro.   Holy cow is it incredible.  Little or no ghosting.  Almost negative hot spots.  and an awesome color balance.  ( I drop the awesome word now and then to stay hip) Are we just down right blessed, lucky, fortunate or just in the right place to live with all the cool digital advances?  Imagine just 10 years ago doing what we are with digital photography.  The photo above of the barn really exemplifies how simple we have it in the digital dark room.  I would almost argue that maybe the talent factor is not as needed nowadays.  I mean – look at my stuff.  I was born with two right hands, little or no talent, and now have one bad eye.  Thanks digital world inventors and visionaries.

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Sep 262010

I am Home.

It’s good to be home.

Yellowstone always creates memories.  Fortunately pixels recorded all of it.  Yesterday was spent walking up the Madison River then trekking the Fire Hole River.  Several hours.  Some sitting on fallen trees listening to all the sounds of Yellowstone.  Witnessed something that I have never seen seen before.  Probably few have in person.  Alone with the beauty.  A camera, water, and a snack.  My last day taking in as much as possible.

Tree Fall clors border

I go for the wildlife.  And dream of the beauty, quiet and peace.    There just can’t be another place on earth like it.  A national treasure.

mammoth scenic border

Could be called “Coyote Week”.  At least three to four times a day the Coyote and I crossed.  Finally got “that” shot.   It took 7-8 years and one half of a day to get. And always surrounded by colors.


Up before the sun and back to the trailer in the dark.  Not long days.  In fact too short of days.

yellow tree

Part of Yellowstone’s history and future is fires.  A lightning strike started a fire that closed the easiest route from Canyon to Tower and Lamar Valley.   More scenery to be changed.

burned trees

My age and trips to the park have allowed me to witness the effects of fire after 20 years…….but the monument to the fire is still there…….

Holmes mnt border

Back to work tomorrow.  It may take a day or two to get focused.  The mind is clear.   The memory is vivid.   I will always remember the red tail hawk, the coyote, the moose, the elk, the geese, merganser, swan, camp robber, mice, and antelope and ducks, and bears and grizzlies, and…………..

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Aug 172010

I am NOT a penny pincher.

I have no debt.

I like quality

In an effort to be a “team player” my transportation expectations have changed dramatically.  For many years getting from the plane to the rental car and on the road has been SIMPLE.  The cars have been new.  And I drive with a smile.

The last two weeks have been dramatically different.  Here is an accurate comparison

National Car Rental:                                                          Hertz:

Save $5.00

A wait for a shuttle                                                                                    No wait

A long wait at the counter                                                                        No wait

A long wait for a car (one hour)

Everything in reverse when returning car                                           Drop car in walking distance of Delta

Shuttle back to airport

Why the story?  I have ordered the Nikon 600mm F/4 VR lens.  It’s the Hertz Gold card lens.  Every review talks about it’s incredible tack sharp focus.  Nano coated glass.  Ultra quiet and fast focusing.  The ‘king” for wildlife photography.  No cutting corners or shuttle busses here.  It’s the best of the best.  I hope the wait is not a year or more.  It’s very hard lens to get.  September I will be walking the woods in yellowstone.  I hope to see the lens at the end of the trees before then.


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