Aug 312011

I am back in Washington.  Cheney to be exact.  Don’t want to get into details but the last month has been CRAZY!!!!!!   It’s good tonight to get a break.  Went out before dinner and found a couple of fun shots that screamed Black and White.  It is beautiful here.

Finished black and white

1/1000 sec @ f/5.0,  70mm, ISO 200, 47 Deg-24′-59″ North,  117 Deg-16′-39″ West

Nikon D3s, 24-70mm f/2.8

Cheney cabin gods light

9 frame HDR – range = 1/250 sec to 1/40 sec @ f/13,  32mm,  ISO 200,  47 Deg-26′-34″ North,  117 Deg-22′-47″ West

Nikon D3s, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8

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Jul 292011

I hate Las Vegas in the summer.

Actually most of the time.  A couple of weeks ago I needed to be in Hell…I mean Las Vegas.  They don’t call it Sin City for the fun of it.  It really is.  Sin.  At 100 plus degrees.  A desert turned to an over-lit, over-done, over-big, and over wasted space.  We are going to build stores there.  Nobody asked what I think.  My most recent visit required a stop at the Clark County complex.  The county Taj Mahal.  Over built.  Across the street is a building that is way over the top.  An architects dream spend.  A typical Las Vegas “mine is better than yours building”….Turns out to be a medical clinic.  Surprised?

Vegas Medical center

This week I have been in Cheney, Washington.  Stark contrast to Las Vegas.  Normal people.  Natural surroundings.  Vast acreage of agriculture.  Small town.  Big stress reliever.  Tonight I drove out to Spangle, Washington.  Dinner at Spangle Saloon.  I went for the scenery and had a great pulled barbecue sandwich.  The 30 minute drive was beautiful……

cheney-spangle road 2

Cheney-Spangle Road

Cheney-Spangle Road.  One of the most beautiful drives ever.  Quiet.  Wheat as far as I could see.  Some green.  Some gold. And some harvested.  To add a little interest to the beautiful scenery a road side mail box caught my attention.  No homes/farm houses in any direction.  Probably not walking out to get the mail here.  How many miles a year does the mail person put on a vehicle here?

cheney-spangle road mailbox

After dinner I rushed back to an Osprey nest just west of Cheney.  Love them Osprey.  The problem is there is no place to approach the nest.  Open wheat field.  After a little nervous chattering from the nest I settled in and sat still. About an hour.   Mom and Dad saw me and only approached.  Never delivered dinner…..

Cheney Osprey 2

Cheney Osprey 1

I sat until sundown.  Turned the 200-400 lens 90 degrees from the Osprey nest and shot the last light of day.  I love the Cheney area.  As opposed to Las Vegas…..

Cheney sunset

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Jun 282011

Opening a new store in Pasco tomorrow.

I am in Cheney, Washington.  Have I mentioned I love it here.  Miles of rolling agriculture.  A national wildlife refuge.  Lenny’s…. the best Italian ever!  And a new Holiday Inn Express where I am treated like a king.  Drove from Pasco to Mead then here to Cheney.  Looking at new sites that we are to build on this year.  Late today I drove for 18 or so miles with endless rolling hills of agriculture….

Cheney rolling hills

I saw many very old abandoned farm houses.  I mean really old.

old house in woods bandw

I found this old home set back against a hillside in pine trees.  Gorgeous.   I wondered why someone would give this site up?  I could live here…..

Old house in woods

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Jun 232011

Train horns are load!!!!

Reno Train

Right behind the hotel and just under my 9th floor window is a train track.  4:16 this morning load and obnoxious.   No crossings.  I pictured the engineer laughing louder than the huge diesel engine he was sitting behind.  Not funny to me.  Then I had the last laugh.  He was stuck in the engine.  No steering wheel.  Can only go forward and back. Sure he has some speed variables.  Only as instructed.  Most every minute of every day I have freedom to make my own decisions.  To be brutally honest I find a new way to work and home everyday (maybe part of mental illness).  I decide when to go and when to go back.  Or just stay there and look for something to photograph.    Something I do a lot!

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Jun 092011

Sometimes  black and white is the only option.

On my recent trip to DLWS in california and the first day it was raining.  So?  It is the Pacific Coast.  Good photog’s at anytime.  Black and white.  I remember the days standing in my darkroom watching the image come up in the tray.  Way cool!  Many times my kids would be down there with me.  Every bit as excited as I.  Taking an image from role to paper.  Learning the Ansel Adams zone system.  Learning about the burn and dodge in the dark room.  Practice, practice and more practice.  A lot of wasted paper.  Then that one image would appear.  Today with digital you can see what the final pic should look like in post.  It’s wonderful.  And easy?  Maybe not.  I must still look at all the conditions and notable light variables.  Fun stuff.  Way fun!

bodega baymornbandw

Bodega Bay Pier

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May 202011

DLWS is done…until November.

I drove to the ocean today to try and get a few shots.  But I first saw this Great Blue Heron right at the cliffs catching mice.  It was wild…….


The mouse must have been a great snack!


Then there was this Rock in the ocean.  Getting really beat up.



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May 182011

Man am I having fun.

Little sleep for the last few days.  My head is full.  I feel my age.  Mind mind however is going like an eight year old in a candy store.  Though I worry about work I am escaping from it.  The passion of photography takes me to another world.  Away but close to my heart and mind.  I miss my family.   I miss my associates at work.  I miss my bed.  Today is the last day of fun.  A little more sleep tonight.  Tomorrow I will miss DLWS…….

Old fart

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May 172011

It’s still raining!  And it is great.

Have just a few moments to post.  Up before 5:00 a.m. again today.  Brain is a little dusty.  Living on adrenaline.  Our morning shoot was enhanced by clouds and rain.  Could not ask for better conditions considering what we were shooting.  We were welcomed at a location loaded with classic cars, old collections and color!  It was a BLAST.  Could have stayed all day.  Tonight our photograph’s will be critiqued.  Getting  geared up for that.  Maybe a little Xanax or a bullet proof vest.

Blown engine

Cars and church


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May 162011

Am I dreaming?

This afternoon we were rained out.  This morning however it was overcast with no rain.  A morning I will never forget.  In life we have idols.  Like my Dad.  And others that have had a great impact on our lives.  In my case one of those is the famous Joe McNally.  He looks like a normal guy.  Jeans, regular shirt, and regular clothes.  Says hi to anyone.  He is NOT arrogant.  He is normal.  Unless you ask him.  If you walk into one of his sold out photographic presentations you would never know that he is a legend in photography.  The master.  A plethora of published materials.  Cover photographs on the biggest name magazines.  Photographed famous people from Gorbachev to Chamberlin. A name sake at Geographic. He made history with his 6’x9′ polaroids of 911 survivors and families.  Millions for good causes.  Looked down from the very top antenna on the empire state building.  Hung from helicopters for his one-of-a-kind shots.  He has seen and done it all in photography.

My idol

He is the best at his craft.

He took my photograph today.  Gorbachev and I photographed by Joe McNally. What can I say?  INCREDIBLE!  Not sure why he asked me to be the subject.  What did I learn today?  How a famous person can be so personable.


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May 152011

Joe McNally said it best in his presentation tonight…..

“When you get that “one” shot, it’s like wind in our sails as photographers”

Tonight was presentations by the best of the best.  Starting tomorrow morning at 3:30 a.m. it’s time to start shooting.  Can’t wait!!!!!!

Seagullflyat cam

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