Jan 222012

I love my Mom.

As a parent I find myself thinking about about what a lousy child I was.  I live in the present.  And don’t dwell on my mischievous past.  When with Mom though I think about the fact that I could have been a better son.

She is 84 now of which I caused some anguish for some 10 or 12 or more years.  Some of her wrinkles have my name on them.  Though at 84 I think she is beautiful.  Her eyes still have fire in them.  Today when I “told” her I wanted a picture of her she shook her fist at me and said “I am still your Mother I will decide”.  She loves me.  I got the photo.  I sit here with tears in my eyes hoping I can visit her and  hold her for some time still.  A little selfish on my part.  She tells me often (speaking of my father) “jim, I can hardly wait to get that great big man’s arms around me again”.  It will be 10 years next month since Mom hugged Dad.  My Mom is a GRAND LADY.  When she does eventually graduate from earth I will miss her.  Thankfully today she allowed me to capture a moment of her beauty…..


This little guy loves my mom too. He takes care of her.  Keeps her company.  He loves it when I stop by.  I give the best belly rubs

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Jan 082012

Life’s twists and turns.

Mom is in a retirement facility.  That’s code for your not going home anytime soon Mom.  Sundays are a favorite for me now.  Just like when my dad was in a care facility I take Mom to church every week.  My brother was lucky to do it last year.  A guaranteed few hours alone with Mom.  Today was different.  She was in bed when I got there.  Sound asleep.  Snoring a little (good thing Mom can’t access or know how to read my blogs.  She would kill me for this one).  I could tell she must have had a rough night.  The room was in disarray.  Soon she realized I was in the room and was sitting up talking to me about things that are imaginary.  Dementia stinks.  Here is a woman that gave birth to 6 children, losing one at birth, almost losing another at birth and birthing a 12 pounder.  She pretty much did all the financials for Dad’s construction business.  She held many positions of responsibility in her church.  Lost her gall bladder, several feet of her intestines and colon, had her knee replaced, broke her back, and had about every type of intestinal problem known.  She had a room at the emergency facility that was nicknamed after her because of her frequent visits.  One time I will never forget.  She had dislocated her middle finger.  It was laying back 90 degrees from the palm of her hand.  Real creepy looking.  She was very uncomfortable but as usual had the emergency room on their toes.  The Doctor arrived and gingerly took her hand.   The female emergency room doctor told Mom that she wanted to just look at her finger before she would decide what to do.  Mom had just got back from the X-ray room.  With a swift motion the doctor relocated Mom’s finger.  Even more swiftly Mom decked the Doctor.  Mom could have been a prize boxer.

These days we remind her to bathe.  Does very odd things that are normal for dementia patients. She is lonely.  Wants to go home.  She relies on her children today like we did of her for so many years.  One thing has not changed with Mom she is humble.  Loves and cares about others.  Concerned about my family and I more than herself.  And is still very spiritual.  Many, many times today she asked me the same questions and told me the same story.   Good.   A couple of times I wasn’t her son.  Good.  Someday I will look back just like when Dad graduated from this earth and think of these days when we just sit and talk.  She tells me she loves me every time I arrive and leave.  I do the same to her. Give her a kiss.  I hope when she eventually does graduate she can look back and remember our times together.  Actually I know she will.

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Jan 072012

Nikon announced their new professional camera to replace the D3s!

I shoot with D3s’s!

What to do???????

Can it get any better than the D3s?  I have reading reviews, blogs, news releases almost all night.   It was like reading The Hunt for Red October for the first time.   Couldn’t stop reading about the new Nikon D4.  Replacing the D3s?  It is an incredible camera (the D3s).  I have enjoyed the benefits of this incredible camera.  Just last week I was up most the night so I left sub-morning light and went out to the FBWR for some quiet time.  With just very little day light I captured this shot….

I remind you that this shot of the hawk was taken before sunrise.  I was the only photographer out that morning.  Canon shooters arrive a little later.  Kinda kidding.   The duck hunters were out in kill mode.  I was in take home a pic mode. The photo is surely soft and has considerable noise.  In this case it adds to the surreal nature of the pre-sunrise shot.  The ISO was at 6400.  Yikes.  And with only this much noise?  INCREDIBLE.

The D4 looks to be even better.  Hard to believe.  Nikon has thought this one over.  Full HD video, EXPEED 3 sensor, 91,000 color pixel sensor, 10 frames a second shooting, ISO to 203,000, mike input and earphones output, 16 MP and on and on!!!!!!

Guess I will be heading to Pictureline this morning to put my name on the list.

I am selling one of my D3s’s.  Only one though…….

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Dec 272011

I have finally finished my man cave.

Converted a bedroom.  Used to do all my photo editing in a closet.  This is real nice!

Even have a DESK!

I have been thinking a lot about the previous year (in my new man space).  2011 the year of……?  So much has happened.  Not one thing stands out.  A lot stands out.  One thing is for sure.  Everything I experienced this year that was notable, was in the company of another person.  Sure there is all the funny stories about my wierdism’s.  The moments I cherish from the past year I was not alone.  So many people have been a part of me.  A lending hand if you will.  I am blessed to have the friends, associates and family.  They have shaped and molded me.  My core will always be the same.  However, one of life’s rewards is growing and learning.  I am just very grateful for those that have shaped me with their hands……

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Dec 272011

Chocolate covered pineapple daisy’s!


Tough to get exposed.  I mean….tough to get the right exposure.

Fruit in my kitchen.  A mix of incandescent lights and florescent lights. On the same piece of yellow pineapple is dark chocolate. Very light and very dark together.  I decided to keep the specular highlights on the chocolate.  Forced the exposure to burnout the pineapple a little.  In photography sometimes there are some sacrifices……

fruit basket

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Dec 162011

I work for a company called Maverik.

I am almost 57 years old.

Someone somewhere has to have done a study on how much time we spend at work.  Building, extending and nourishing our careers.  Let’s see a minimum of 8.5 hours a day.  A minimum of five days a week.  That’s about forty-two and a half hours a week.  Four weeks a month.  Now it’s up to 170 hours a month.  2040 hours a year…..and so it goes.  At an absolute minimum we spend 25% of our lives at task, being compensated and looking out for an organizations best interest.  At a minimum.  In some of our lives we have devoted up to 35-40 percent of our lives to grow another’s business.  Don’t think I am about to explode into a rampage about my most current employer.  Just a few opinions about relationships.



A family owned business.  In it’s third generation of family lineage overseeing the daily operations of the company.  Maverik is growing.  We are doing well as a company.  For some 13 or 14 years I have been compensated well.  Had offers from outside to make a change a few times.  Always said no.  And thank you.  What happens to corporations as they increase in size?  Add employees?  Become more and more top heavy?  What really happens?  The PEOPLE get lost in the big spreadsheets.  The bottom line looms greater than anything.  Company goals, mission statements and the like become routine without the human touch.  People soon have nicknames like guides, QA’s, customer advocates, etc.  What really makes companies successful.  Have long term success?  Enjoy street level compliments from it’s customers and peers?

It’s people.


We work in buildings made of steel, wood, brick, plastic and numerous other products.  Objects inside built by those residing within.  Thousands of warm bodies each with specific tasks to accomplish.  Some with perks.  Some without.  In the end every person plays a role in the success of the company.  Many very visual.  Most not.  Some empowering roles.  Most empowered.

As I near my so called Golden Years I have appreciated more the efforts of those empowered.  I work with the best team at Maverik.  Really.  We are at the bottom of the food chain.  My team knows that.  Yet they still look to each other to make each day more enjoyable than the day before.  They are self starters.  They all would drop anything to help each other.  Each day is different for them.  Great challenges and stressful tasks drive them.  I love these people.  They are my friends.  That’s why I stay at Maverik.


I will continue to laugh at the inaccuracies.  My time will be focused on my teams goals and efforts.  Their families will still be number 1!  And the bottom line…..well it will be just that a bottom line.  Nothing more.  But when I do walk from these responsibilities the bottom line will still be there.  Forever chased, studied, challenged and worshipped.  I will leave with friends and a knowledge that the PEOPLE at  Maverik are better  because of my team. And their desire to improve each other.  Knowing that people create the bottom line.  Happy, empowered, enthusiastic people grow the bottom line.

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Sep 302011

I can’t access my fonts for my Blog!

I just realized that when writing on this blog I am talking to a 30″ Apple monitor.  Not sure if anyone will see it.  Sure OF sees it he is my pal.  And he  looks fairly regularly.  And  D.P. sees it often. So for the most part I am doing this for myself.  Oh sure I have occasional comments from friends and such.   But in reality this pushes me to look beyond my current skill level.

Lately I have been dragging Butt.  Have several reasons why.  One that is just eating at me.  Losing a lot of sleep over it.  Wanda before you call me and ask about my health know it is not that.  Oh ….Wanda reads once and a while.  I have as of late been spending a lot of time meditating. Not cross legged humming.  Just enjoying nature and my surroundings……….


Tonight I watched this cloud grow and get very large.  It was beautiful.  I can say that I have never seen a cloud like this before.  Especially the vertical thin clouds within the big cloud.  Amazing.  This week I have spent time with Terns.  And seagulls.  Practicing photo-panning.  The terns performed well.  I was real lucky to get some fun shots.  Post those later.

Last shot of the night was this seagull as he flew by and s

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Aug 052011

Just a short note so I can get the pic’s up….

Never played soccer before.  Today had the great opportunity to photograph one of the greatest Dad’s son play soccer today. I had tons of fun and shot gob’s of photo’s. Here is just a very few……








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Jun 292011

Pasco will open tomorrow night.

Another grand opening for Maverik.  And another Grand build from R&O and Mr. Hall.  Man this guy is good. Sets the bar real high.  Thanks Mr. Hall!!!!!!

Sanford Pasco


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