Aug 172010

I am NOT a penny pincher.

I have no debt.

I like quality

In an effort to be a “team player” my transportation expectations have changed dramatically.  For many years getting from the plane to the rental car and on the road has been SIMPLE.  The cars have been new.  And I drive with a smile.

The last two weeks have been dramatically different.  Here is an accurate comparison

National Car Rental:                                                          Hertz:

Save $5.00

A wait for a shuttle                                                                                    No wait

A long wait at the counter                                                                        No wait

A long wait for a car (one hour)

Everything in reverse when returning car                                           Drop car in walking distance of Delta

Shuttle back to airport

Why the story?  I have ordered the Nikon 600mm F/4 VR lens.  It’s the Hertz Gold card lens.  Every review talks about it’s incredible tack sharp focus.  Nano coated glass.  Ultra quiet and fast focusing.  The ‘king” for wildlife photography.  No cutting corners or shuttle busses here.  It’s the best of the best.  I hope the wait is not a year or more.  It’s very hard lens to get.  September I will be walking the woods in yellowstone.  I hope to see the lens at the end of the trees before then.


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Aug 152010

Somewhere right now, all around the world a frog is sitting and waiting.  And waiting.  And Waiting.  The life of a frog.  Waiting for that unlucky insect that will become a meal for the frog.  Look close.  Is he smiling?  I doubt it.  How long will he sit there?  For hours.  Or at least until dinner arrives.  Yep you guessed it.  I waited to see if I could photograph the moment the frog “took in” the meal.  It seemed like eternity.  More like an hour.  He did not flinch.  I was writhing.  Something to learn here…..


Then I noticed the bubbles around the frogs.  Not what you think.  To be honest I need to do some homework myself.  But I did notice some bubbles coming from the frogs mouth.  Something to pass the time?  Gas?  Or part of the waiting process?  Who knows.


While I was impatiently waiting for the Frog to flinch a flock of White Face Ibis’s stopped by.  Until I flinched!!!


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Aug 032010

Sanford. A unique man.  He has as many miles on a Harley as any biker out there. Maybe more.   One of his lines is “ten thousand miles and a ten thousand dollar bike doesn’t make you a biker”.  My favorite line of his is “let me say this about that”.  Sanford is a project superintendent for a very large construction company.  A construction know-it-all.  In a good way.  He builds stores for me (Maverik).  Thought it would be good to recognize this man.  He gets few “kudos”.  He is one of the very best in his field.


This store is in Buffalo Wyoming.  Maverik’s newest.  Should be opened by NOON tomorrow.



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Jul 302010

Since I was ten years old horses freak me out.  Scare me to death.  Though I have always wanted to photograph them.  Just need a fence between me and them.  Today for the first time I stood in a stadium with horses .  And a NINE year old rider.  Couldn’t make to big a deal when a nine year old was going to barrel race.  Erika, a beautiful young lady ( takes after her mother – gorgeous) was the boss when on each horse.  As she controlled the animal ten times her size I was humbled.

I really enjoyed the time tonight.  Great people and fun photography.  And a little less afraid of horses.  Don’t expect to see me ON one ever…..




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Apr 062010


Is part of emergency room processes to insure that a patient must have 1 hour breaks between doctors and nurses entering the room?  Actually the waiting is not a problem this morning.  My son is here for severe abdominal pain.  At LDS Hospital they have the very best staff.  With many visits here under my belt either with my son, parent, or myself I have greatly appreciated the doctors nurses and staff.  As I wait for the results of the tests I am comforted with fact that we are in good hands.

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Mar 282010


It really can be more about the technology and equipment than just talent.  That’s the case for me, especially now…..

About a year ago my left eye went “wacko”.  A big white blob took over a portion of my sight area. The Doc said I would get used to it.  I guess he never had a big white blob in his eye.  I shoot through my camera with my left eye.  The world was coming to an end!  Have you ever photographed with the wrong eye?  It’s like writing left handed.  A new method of shooting had to be obtained and conquered.


I found myself dancing with my camera.  Changing eye to eye.  Every shot seemed blurry.  Luck and odds helped produce a couple of keepers.


Then all heck broke loose this last Friday.  My right eye went really “wacko”.  I was seeing spider webs, streaks, blobs, bugs, kitchen sink, etc.   The eye doctor agreed to see me at 11:00 p.m. Friday night.

“I’m concerned about your eye” the Doc said.  Really?  If your concerned, pass the Xanax please!!!!!!   Like an idiot I was not worried about work, or reading, or driving.  I was worried about photography!  Kinda shows how shallow I am.   I had been asked by some dear friends to photograph their daughter the next morning (yesterday)at a dance competition.   They have done tons for me!  There is just about no way to pay them back for their efforts in my behalf.  I couldn’t let them down.  Especially their daughter.  It was her day.

Camera in hand, looking through milk, spider webs and the such with my eyes I was depending on the technology I was carrying.  A digital camera with auto white balance, auto focus, and almost auto everything.   Just point and shoot…at 3200 ISO and 9 frames a second.


About a minute and a half dance program.  174 frames later the camera (Nikon D3) and the lens (Nikon 70-200 2.8) saved the day!  Yes I pointed and shot.  The subject-a beautiful young lady fell in the frame of my camera.  Her talent and beauty captured by new technology and sheer luck.   Her talent and beauty…from her mother.  The caring and concern…..her father.

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Nov 102009

crane Definitely the largest bird I have photographed is this Sandhill Crane.  Definitely the most difficult to approach.  The colors and personality of the bird are incredible.  Another fun experience that won’t leave my memory any time soon.

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Oct 282009

ScarymessFallon, Nevada – the Oasis in the desert.  And the home of some old scary buildings.  This place is real scary.  Literally.  I am not sure who owned or owns this place but…….

Look at it.   WOW!  What a mess.  Kinda looks like my kitchen if my wife is gone or sick for more than a day!

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