Sep 252009

dwightsworkshop1I am telling you that I could spend days in this place.  An old Chevrolet Dealership built in the 30’s.  The gentleman that owns the building is collecting everything.  This trip I photographed areas and multiple subjects.  This particular shot just reeked Black and White.  An incredible place.  Keep in touch.  Lots more to come!  I am fitting in the blogs between work sessions.  This blog  is being published as I am sitting at Gate 8 in Reno Nevada looking forward to an evening with my beautiful bride and family!

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Sep 252009

oldandwornoutselfportraitNow the FAT jokes are going to start.  Being the TEAM player that I am my conscience forced me to submit a Self Portrait.  What better than to have an old worn out man photographed amongst a bunch of old worn out fuel dispensers.  Inside this huge old car dealership is a monstrous collection of dispensers and everything else under the sun.  Including a 30’s toilet.  This exposure required the max that HDR can provide.  A full nine stops from “hot to cold” or “black to white” .   The starting exposure as 1.7 under.  How did I shoot a nine exposure HDR and still be in the photo.  Only the photo gods and Dwight will know for sure.  By the way, thanks to Dwight and Teresa for the great adventure and discussion.  Wonderful people doing a wonderful “work”.  Stay tuned the contents of Dwights shop is incredible.  Like I said yesterday – A photographers fun house!

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Sep 242009

frameddispbehindwindows Did a little window shopping last night.  After a few hours of looking in windows and nocking on doors I found the owner of the building.  Tonight I will be inside!   What till you see this stuff.  It looks awesome!!!!

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Sep 232009
Welcome to my NEW site!

It's been almost a week. After an hour on the phone with the master and I mean "Master" my understanding of how to add images was greatly increased. No Promises. I am an old man you know. THANKS JASON!!! Tomorrow the journey continues.

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Sep 112009
hopperfinishedNikon D-3, 105 f/2.8 VR lens, R1C1 light System Both lights +.7 EV, Kenko 36mm extension tube, -2.67 EV, ISO-2000, f/29

For several years now I have owned an R1C1 Wireless-Close-up-Speedlight-System. Here and there I have played with it. I have never taken the time to really get down and dirty. You know – Read the Manual! And put this Nikon cool system to work. This weekend was Bear Lake weekend. I think I have slept in my own bed 5 days in the last 25, maybe 30. Who’s counting? Attached to my Nikon 105 f/2.8, VR lens the R1C1 creates great opportunities for close up (macro) photography. So why not test the system even further? I invested in Kenko Extension Tubes. Yikes talk about getting close! In some respects I wish I had a 200 macro lens. The 105 with extension tube(s) puts you inches from the subject. Never tried drugging a bug before. Most insects don’t like a huge piece of glass with two or four white flashes attached. I found a couple of suiters! Did a little bribing. Like the grass hopper above. It’s amazing if they let you get that close how much character you get to see. He was turning his head. Moving antennas around. Those thousands of little eyes checking me out. I wonder who they see when near or far sightedness (sorry that’s the best I can spell it sounding it out) affects their vision?
Bright sunlight and two flash heads. The mix was to turn down ambient light about two stops and push up the flashes by almost 1 stop. This way I got the deep shadows and greater contrast with the “hopper” to the plant. To even get any light in the background and front shadow areas I had to push the ISO to 2000. At f/29 it was getting pretty hard to fill. Overall it turned out good.
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